March 27, 2024


148th Lunch Date: It's Hump Day

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
148th Lunch Date: It's Hump Day
Relationship Status Podcast
148th Lunch Date: It's Hump Day

Mar 27 2024 | 00:43:35


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Hosts: C.L. Nique, & Yusuf 

In this episode,  Nique, Yusuf & C.L. are joined by guest host K Antoinette for an insightful discussion on the diverse group of individuals exploring the intricacies of modern communication and relationship dynamics. From dissecting the art of texting versus calling to navigating boundaries and insecurities, each speaker brings a unique perspective to the table. The conversation unfolds organically, touching upon topics ranging from the role of manipulation in relationships to the importance of setting boundaries and taking accountability. Listeners are taken on a journey through personal anecdotes and insightful reflections, offering valuable insights into the complexities of human connection in today's society.

Throughout the episode, the speakers candidly share their experiences and opinions, challenging conventional notions and sparking thought-provoking debates. Whether it's examining the impact of past traumas on current relationships or discussing the need for open communication and mutual understanding, this episode offers a rich tapestry of perspectives on love, dating, and interpersonal dynamics. As the conversation flows effortlessly from one topic to the next, listeners are left with a deeper appreciation for the nuances of human interaction and the power of self-awareness in fostering healthy relationships. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to gain fresh insights and perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of modern romance and communication.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: You do you have a podcast that you're passionate about? Are you looking for a professional studio to help bring your vision to life? Then look no further than Crux Media Group Studios. Located at nine three West Evans street in Florence, South Carolina, Crux Media Group Studios is a full service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, consultation, live streaming, video recording and more. We have state of the art equipment and a team of experienced professionals who can help you create a podcast that is professional, polished and engaging. Whether you're a first time podcaster or a seasoned pro, Crux Media Group Studios can help you take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today at 843-407-1673 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. [00:01:03] Speaker B: Welcome back to Relationship status. Isha girl, Nick Cruz, Cl Butler and. [00:01:07] Speaker C: Your boy Yusuf in the building. And remember, you can catch us on all podcast platforms. Remember to like share, follow and five star rate. [00:01:17] Speaker D: Just rate. And that's it. [00:01:20] Speaker C: If you want to join the conversation, [email protected] or join the private advice group or the relationship status chat, just search relationship status. All those things will come up for you on all social media platforms. And back once again with us is Miss Kay. Antoinette. How you doing there? [00:01:40] Speaker E: I'm good. How are you? [00:01:45] Speaker C: A little less riled up. [00:01:51] Speaker D: Okay. I know. It's unbelievable. [00:01:53] Speaker E: What's unbelievable? [00:01:54] Speaker D: That I could have all this information. [00:01:56] Speaker E: You're so knowledgeable. [00:01:57] Speaker D: Yeah, so knowledgeable. [00:01:58] Speaker E: Please bestow some of the knowledge on me. [00:02:06] Speaker D: I don't want to bestow, but I am free to share because some of this knowledge, I don't need any. [00:02:12] Speaker E: What are you teaching us today? [00:02:14] Speaker D: I'm probably not teaching because I'm learning as I'm going. Okay, so it's like teach learning. [00:02:19] Speaker E: Each one teach one. [00:02:20] Speaker D: Yes. I'm kind of trying to build it. That works. Each one teach one. I got a good rap ring to it. Yes. So what are we watching? Anybody watching anything? [00:02:31] Speaker C: BMF. [00:02:33] Speaker D: Okay. You got nis. [00:02:37] Speaker C: That's horrible. Right now, the rookie. [00:02:41] Speaker D: The rookie's back. The rookie is always very good. [00:02:43] Speaker B: Show the equalizer. [00:02:46] Speaker C: Is it back? [00:02:47] Speaker B: Yes. [00:02:47] Speaker E: They have a series. [00:02:49] Speaker D: Queen Latifah. [00:02:50] Speaker E: Oh, yeah, they do have a series. [00:02:51] Speaker D: Yes. Support black women. [00:02:53] Speaker C: Is it good? [00:02:54] Speaker D: Very good. [00:02:54] Speaker E: Don't be looking at to me. [00:02:55] Speaker B: Well, he didn't look at me. Is it good to y'all? [00:02:59] Speaker D: I like the equalizer. I'm glad they got her out of the action stunts, like fighting people and stuff, because it was Queen Latifah jumped this high. [00:03:13] Speaker B: I like it. [00:03:15] Speaker D: But it is a good storyline. I didn't know that lady. For some reason, in my mind that's like her family friend. [00:03:24] Speaker B: No, it's her aunt. [00:03:25] Speaker D: Okay. So at one point I thought that might have been her girlfriend or something weird. But it wasn't like an aunt. [00:03:33] Speaker B: No, it's her father's sister. [00:03:35] Speaker D: Okay. But I like her as an actress, too. [00:03:38] Speaker C: I got to check that out because. [00:03:39] Speaker B: I was looking for good TV found as well. [00:03:42] Speaker C: Found is. [00:03:42] Speaker D: Found is pretty good. [00:03:43] Speaker C: Found is pretty good. I just got into the tracker is. [00:03:45] Speaker D: All right. [00:03:46] Speaker C: I got to check tracker. [00:03:47] Speaker B: Yeah, I haven't. [00:03:48] Speaker D: FBI is Dick Wolf. [00:03:49] Speaker C: Yeah, FBI. I watched all of them. I'm on the regular FBI now, but I've caught up on most wanted, most wanted finished international, and I'm on season two. [00:04:05] Speaker E: The only thing I knew I watched recently was the quiet on set. [00:04:08] Speaker D: Yeah, that little mini, that Nickelodeon thing. I'm going to start it. I heard it was kind of troubling. [00:04:13] Speaker E: Very. [00:04:13] Speaker B: It's going to ruin your child. Well, if you watched as a. I. [00:04:18] Speaker D: Was like Nickelodeon Og, like double like. So I didn't really get into the new shows, but my siblings watched them, so I'm familiar with them. [00:04:27] Speaker E: Well, luckily we were poor, so I never really had enough cable. [00:04:31] Speaker C: Double dip was the joint, though. [00:04:33] Speaker D: But was Nickelodeon channel 16 here? [00:04:36] Speaker B: Yeah, it was at one point Time. [00:04:39] Speaker E: Warner, but even when I looked at some of the shows as a kid, I remember like this, they didn't looks. Wow, the iCarly. [00:04:48] Speaker B: See, I didn't all that even certain. [00:04:50] Speaker E: Things they did the only time I turned. [00:04:54] Speaker D: Oh, the show. All that. Not all that. [00:04:56] Speaker E: Yeah, all that stuff. I was just like SpongeBob and that was really pretty much it in fairly OD parents. But yeah, it's really sad. [00:05:04] Speaker D: It was troubling, a lot of stuff. [00:05:05] Speaker E: It's not surprising though, if I'm honest. [00:05:08] Speaker D: I always find it surprising. [00:05:10] Speaker E: HBO. [00:05:10] Speaker C: HBO or Max on the app. [00:05:14] Speaker D: Yeah, it's on there too, I think. I do, but I don't find it surprising. [00:05:21] Speaker E: It's not surprising when you think about like, because there's always a running joke that child actors become troubled as adults, the reason why it happens. And so that's why it's not surprising that they went through so much traumatic stuff when they were younger because I. [00:05:34] Speaker D: Think children need to learn and mess up and grow and do regular things and not be scrutinized so heavily by the world. [00:05:41] Speaker E: Traumatized. [00:05:42] Speaker D: Well, that would traumatize you. The whole world's watching you. [00:05:45] Speaker E: Well, it's more in depth than that you'll have to watch the show. [00:05:49] Speaker C: I, okay, I'm have to watch it. [00:05:50] Speaker D: No, that's not why I'm saying. [00:05:54] Speaker E: That's the other layer. [00:05:56] Speaker D: Yeah, that's another layer. Their layer I'm familiar with as well. Yeah, I've heard a lot of commentary. [00:06:01] Speaker C: About it, but also what's the love is blind. [00:06:09] Speaker B: I haven't watched it the last season. [00:06:11] Speaker C: The last season. [00:06:12] Speaker D: Is that in Charlote or a season was in Charlotte. [00:06:15] Speaker B: This last season was in Charlote. [00:06:16] Speaker D: What did Charlote before? [00:06:18] Speaker B: No, it was Texas. [00:06:19] Speaker C: Houston, Texas. [00:06:21] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:06:21] Speaker C: Houston, Texas. [00:06:22] Speaker D: Okay. [00:06:23] Speaker C: And then the deal of no deal island. [00:06:28] Speaker D: Okay. [00:06:29] Speaker C: Is pretty good. [00:06:29] Speaker B: It is, yeah. [00:06:30] Speaker C: Deal or no deal island. [00:06:31] Speaker E: I'd be asleep by the time I get home. [00:06:33] Speaker B: Oh, you know what? I watched it. I can't believe I started watching trader traders. I didn't even think I would like that. [00:06:41] Speaker C: Traders is really good. [00:06:43] Speaker B: Shocking. [00:06:44] Speaker C: Traders is really good. [00:06:45] Speaker D: That's what you said. [00:06:46] Speaker B: But no, it caught me. [00:06:48] Speaker D: What is it on? [00:06:49] Speaker C: It's on peacock. [00:06:51] Speaker B: Okay. [00:06:51] Speaker E: Yeah. My problem is I rewatch shows a lot. [00:06:54] Speaker D: Do you? [00:06:54] Speaker B: Me too. [00:06:55] Speaker E: I rewatch the same thing. Like, I watch the office. I watch Modern Family. [00:07:01] Speaker D: I don't really never got into modern family. [00:07:02] Speaker B: I said, I'm going to start that modern family. [00:07:04] Speaker E: It's funny, if you like the office, you'll like modern family. [00:07:08] Speaker D: See, that's when it was, it was funny starting to put certain people on TV and I was a little triggered. I can't do that. [00:07:19] Speaker E: No, don't do that. [00:07:20] Speaker D: I did, that's why I didn't watch it. [00:07:21] Speaker B: But pose what did this one are my go to. [00:07:24] Speaker D: I like Claus. [00:07:26] Speaker E: Pose is really good. [00:07:27] Speaker D: Try it. Pose, not pose, but Claus is good. [00:07:32] Speaker B: Claus is really good. It was shockingly, I didn't expect for it to be good. [00:07:35] Speaker D: I like Nisi Nash. [00:07:36] Speaker B: Yeah, she's on the rookie feds and it was horrible. [00:07:40] Speaker D: No, I think it's good. [00:07:41] Speaker B: It was. [00:07:45] Speaker C: That's good. [00:07:46] Speaker E: Really? The rookie feds. [00:07:48] Speaker D: ABC does shows, right? NBC. Yeah, the shows, they put a lot of money. [00:07:52] Speaker B: I was disappointed. [00:07:53] Speaker E: I just feel like a lot of those shows that be on the nighttime TV for the old people, well, I. [00:07:59] Speaker D: Never watch them when they actually come on. So I go back and watch it, but they're not predictable. Great show. [00:08:07] Speaker C: It's a great show. [00:08:08] Speaker E: Yeah, I've been watching that too. I got to catch up on this week's episode. [00:08:13] Speaker C: That's funny. [00:08:13] Speaker D: This week. What was this week? [00:08:15] Speaker C: It was funny. [00:08:15] Speaker B: Yeah, I have to catch up. [00:08:17] Speaker C: They had the district professional development. [00:08:21] Speaker D: Yeah. Okay. I saw that one. [00:08:22] Speaker C: And the reason I love the show. [00:08:24] Speaker D: Don't tell her, but the reason I. [00:08:25] Speaker C: Love the show so much is as a teacher, it is hilarious because that stuff really be happening a bit. And so I know they make it for comedy, but it's definitely a play on what actually happens. [00:08:43] Speaker D: But that's what makes the comedy. [00:08:44] Speaker C: So that's what makes it so relatable. [00:08:46] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:08:47] Speaker C: Oh, man, I got to tap in that. And what's the other one? Not? You're dead to me. [00:08:53] Speaker B: It comes on after dead to me, I think. [00:08:56] Speaker C: Not dead yet. [00:08:57] Speaker B: Not dead yet. Yeah. [00:08:58] Speaker D: There's a lady that was a writer or something, and the dead people come back and visit her. [00:09:02] Speaker C: She does the obituary, and until she does the obituary, the people help her. They pretty much hang around until she finishes writing their obituary. [00:09:12] Speaker D: Exactly. [00:09:12] Speaker E: It sounds like medium, like the old show back in the day. [00:09:15] Speaker D: It's not as much into that space. [00:09:17] Speaker C: Yeah, because it's more comedic. [00:09:19] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:09:19] Speaker C: It's more a comedic feel to it, and it's more about the other people in the newsroom and her. [00:09:25] Speaker D: The people aren't really dead on the show. [00:09:27] Speaker E: Okay, I got you. I did see a good movie. [00:09:33] Speaker D: What's that? [00:09:34] Speaker E: Damsel on Netflix. That was really good. [00:09:36] Speaker B: That was good. [00:09:37] Speaker E: Yeah. It gave me Game of Thrones vibes a little bit. [00:09:40] Speaker D: Damsel. [00:09:40] Speaker E: House of Dragon is supposed to be coming back. [00:09:42] Speaker D: It is. That's a good show. [00:09:43] Speaker B: I haven't watched that either. [00:09:44] Speaker D: So what's damsel? [00:09:45] Speaker E: Damsel is basically like. It starts off like a fairy tale, but know it got dragon in. It got fight and survival and stuff like that. [00:09:54] Speaker D: How many black people. [00:09:57] Speaker E: Angela Bassett is in it. [00:09:59] Speaker D: Okay, I can watch her. She's gone. [00:10:01] Speaker E: She's about the only black person, but she's in it. [00:10:03] Speaker D: I don't like what she's doing on 911, but that's a whole nother thing, really. Yeah. [00:10:07] Speaker B: I watched, like, a little bit of certain episodes I've been trying. [00:10:12] Speaker C: I just can't really. I haven't been able to turn the corner on that one. [00:10:15] Speaker D: I just can't believe her and her husband are, like, a couple. [00:10:18] Speaker E: Oh, I started legend Aquara. [00:10:21] Speaker D: Oh, like, such a key. What's legend of Korra? [00:10:24] Speaker E: So it's the series that started out the avatar, the last airbender. And since I love that series so much, I thought I was going to start legend of Korra. It's not as good. [00:10:32] Speaker D: Is it a girl? [00:10:33] Speaker E: Yeah, she's the female avatar that comes after Aang. [00:10:40] Speaker D: I'm just saying it's kind of, like, girl rap, but I don't want to get into that. [00:10:45] Speaker E: Hey, the girls killing it, right? [00:10:47] Speaker D: They are, but then they aren't. [00:10:52] Speaker E: Well, apparently kdot then came after Drake. [00:10:55] Speaker D: And yes, he has. I listened. [00:10:58] Speaker E: So y'all about to spice things up over there on the male side. [00:11:00] Speaker D: It's sassy rap, but I still like. [00:11:08] Speaker B: Yeah, I've been all over with the paramount prime upload. They were on their third season. [00:11:17] Speaker D: Upload was it? [00:11:18] Speaker E: I didn't get through the second season. The first season was really good. [00:11:21] Speaker D: What's upload? [00:11:21] Speaker E: I kept getting busy, and so by the time I went back to it, I forgot what happened. So I probably need to start the second season over yourself. [00:11:28] Speaker D: What's upload? [00:11:29] Speaker E: I have no clue because I asked. [00:11:31] Speaker D: Those two. [00:11:34] Speaker B: And you asked him when I was explaining it. [00:11:36] Speaker D: Okay. [00:11:37] Speaker B: But it's basically the afterlife, is you being uploaded into a computer system. [00:11:45] Speaker E: Okay, it is. [00:11:48] Speaker B: No, really. It's really good. Even, like, I started watching it because of easy. And that gives some type of. [00:11:55] Speaker D: Y'all have a little Facebook TV thing going on there, bringing you around to modern movies. She's on her way up. [00:12:03] Speaker B: Listen, she just watched above the room. First of all, I watched that last year. Okay, calm down. I just watched Blue Hill af. Yeah, horrible. Very horrible. [00:12:13] Speaker D: Yeah. Just mediocre. [00:12:14] Speaker B: It wasn't even mediocre. It was very too. [00:12:15] Speaker D: That's before black people really started making movies. It's not a very good story, but I just. [00:12:22] Speaker B: It wasn't at all. [00:12:22] Speaker D: That's Romello. Is that the brother on. [00:12:26] Speaker C: I'm talking about Sugar Hill. [00:12:27] Speaker B: I haven't watched that yet. [00:12:29] Speaker D: Sugar Hill. [00:12:29] Speaker C: That's the one with Romello. [00:12:31] Speaker D: Okay. Blue Hill ave is just as bad. [00:12:33] Speaker C: Sugar Hill is actually pretty good. [00:12:34] Speaker D: I like Sugar Hill. [00:12:35] Speaker B: Now, I've heard of Sugar Hill. I've heard of Sugar Hill. I haven't watched Sugar Hill Ave. Or something like that. [00:12:41] Speaker C: You're talking about Blue Hill Ave. Yeah, Sugar Hill. [00:12:44] Speaker D: It's all about the same. [00:12:46] Speaker B: That's what someone else said. It's pretty much the same. It's just like a low budget, kind. [00:12:51] Speaker D: Of like the black renaissance and kind of ushering in that. [00:12:55] Speaker E: Speaking of black movies, I did watch american fiction. That was good, too. [00:12:59] Speaker D: Is that with Jeffrey Wright? [00:13:01] Speaker E: Yeah, I watched that. [00:13:02] Speaker D: He's a good actor. [00:13:04] Speaker E: Yep. [00:13:04] Speaker D: You rented it? [00:13:05] Speaker B: Yeah, it's on prime. [00:13:07] Speaker D: You don't stick your cable. You're still screaming. [00:13:11] Speaker E: That is streaming. What do you mean? [00:13:13] Speaker D: I said, do you still streaming? Like, do you pay for stream services? [00:13:17] Speaker E: I mean, you all want to. Joe, break my Roku. [00:13:20] Speaker B: You can't. [00:13:22] Speaker D: I don't think you should go the Roku route. But there's a way you could get into the things. [00:13:26] Speaker E: I like that when I fall asleep, the TV don't completely go off. It had a little screen. [00:13:30] Speaker D: Okay. [00:13:30] Speaker B: It has a little purple screen. [00:13:34] Speaker E: I don't watch enough TV. When I get home, I'll be exhausted. So usually I just read or play my switch and then go to sleep. [00:13:40] Speaker C: The switch. [00:13:41] Speaker D: What are you playing on switch? [00:13:42] Speaker E: So the new revised tomb Raider came out. The old school tomb raider with the first Laura craft. [00:13:49] Speaker D: Okay. [00:13:50] Speaker E: So they did it. They reimaged it, and I downloaded that and started playing that. [00:13:54] Speaker D: Okay. I never played. [00:13:56] Speaker C: You put it on the television or you just play it handheld? [00:13:58] Speaker E: So I got the handheld. I didn't get the dual console. [00:14:01] Speaker D: So why is it called a switch? [00:14:04] Speaker C: That's just the name of the switches. [00:14:07] Speaker E: I mean, they do have a version where you can put it up on the big screen. You play with other people, whatever. But they have the one where it's just like a handheld one, which is the one I got because I just wanted a game in bed. [00:14:17] Speaker D: Oh, so there's like a trans game. [00:14:21] Speaker E: All right. [00:14:22] Speaker B: That went left. [00:14:26] Speaker C: On that note. [00:14:26] Speaker D: I thought it was okay. I got to work, Cleveland. It's been real. I'll be back. I'll be back to work on that one. [00:14:34] Speaker B: Oh, wow. [00:14:36] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:14:40] Speaker C: Awkward. [00:14:43] Speaker B: Have you all watched the movie? Not movie show hot in Cleveland. [00:14:46] Speaker D: No, the show back in the day. Yeah, I have. [00:14:49] Speaker B: Yeah. I haven't watched it with Betty White. [00:14:52] Speaker D: Yeah. I like a good white lead. Caucasian. I'm sorry, lead. [00:14:56] Speaker B: Nice little comedy. [00:14:57] Speaker E: I can't. [00:14:57] Speaker D: Especially women. I like women in, like, series like that. [00:15:00] Speaker B: You heard they're bringing back golden girls on Disney? [00:15:04] Speaker D: I thought the girls passed away, right? [00:15:06] Speaker B: No, they're like, with angels. No, a new cast. [00:15:12] Speaker D: I would have to be sold on the new cast. [00:15:14] Speaker E: They got to put the black comedians of the song on it, right? [00:15:18] Speaker D: They should. [00:15:22] Speaker B: I don't think they would. [00:15:23] Speaker E: Yeah, they're not. [00:15:23] Speaker B: It's Disney. They're not doing that. New Beetlejuice is coming. [00:15:27] Speaker E: I sent that trailer to things they. [00:15:29] Speaker C: Need to just leave alone. [00:15:30] Speaker B: I think Beetlejuice is going to be good. It's a number two. [00:15:33] Speaker E: It's a two. It's not a remake. [00:15:34] Speaker C: Leave it alone. [00:15:35] Speaker D: One was bad. [00:15:36] Speaker B: I can't do remake. [00:15:36] Speaker C: Just leave. [00:15:39] Speaker E: Anything. [00:15:40] Speaker D: Tim Burton is weird. [00:15:41] Speaker B: My kids said the same thing. They did not enjoy. [00:15:43] Speaker D: I did not like it. [00:15:44] Speaker B: I cannot like. [00:15:47] Speaker D: I didn't like it. [00:15:48] Speaker C: You crazy. [00:15:48] Speaker B: I loved it. [00:15:58] Speaker E: Well, my sister loved Tim Burton growing up. Like Edward Senseihans, all that. And so she used to watch Beetlejuice all the time. [00:16:04] Speaker B: I watched the animated series as well. [00:16:07] Speaker E: Yeah. So I sent her the trailer. I was like, I'm taking you to see this. [00:16:10] Speaker D: Look at you being big sis. [00:16:12] Speaker E: I'm the baby still being the big sister. [00:16:16] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:16:17] Speaker B: They got the new Twister movie coming out. [00:16:19] Speaker D: Twister. [00:16:20] Speaker E: Now that they need to leave alone. [00:16:21] Speaker B: No, I'm ready to see it. I'm ready to see it. They say it will be his own movie, so I'm ready to. [00:16:27] Speaker E: I used to watch Twister, like, so much. [00:16:29] Speaker D: Why is that the weather thing? [00:16:31] Speaker E: Yeah, I have. [00:16:33] Speaker D: Okay. Hey, who knows. [00:16:38] Speaker E: Tornadoes are. [00:16:40] Speaker D: They are, but I just don't want them to be here. [00:16:42] Speaker E: I didn't say I wanted to be here. I just want to watch some good action shots about. [00:16:48] Speaker C: Uh, let's get into the social media streets real quick. [00:16:51] Speaker D: So you have something? [00:16:52] Speaker C: I have a couple of them. [00:16:53] Speaker D: Okay, let's see. [00:16:54] Speaker C: Just want to get y'all responses to a few of them. Okay, here goes the first one. This is. [00:17:02] Speaker D: With way we. She's not with Dwayne Wade's daughters. [00:17:09] Speaker F: It's wild to learn that there's no way we could be everything to each other. We have different interests, different goals. There was a stage in my marriage where I thought that's what a partner was supposed to know. You should call me all the time. We should talk all the time. We should be each other's best friends all the time. Our marriage got better when I got better about that, because I think he already had that independence, this notion of I love you, even if I don't talk to you today. As I got older, got more mature, more clear about my own goals, I realized that he can't be responsible for my happiness. I have to be responsible for that. I have to define it for myself. I have to learn how to achieve it. My husband is definitely a part of that. I cannot put him in the center of my happiness. That freed me up to let him be him and let me be me. [00:18:04] Speaker C: Thoughts, reactions? [00:18:07] Speaker D: She is a gym needs to be protected at some a. I don't know. I feel like me and Michelle are on the same wavelength a little. I think healthy room is great for. [00:18:29] Speaker C: Couples because you've said that repeatedly on the show. [00:18:31] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. You're not. [00:18:32] Speaker C: You shouldn't be my best friend. [00:18:33] Speaker D: You're not going to be my everything. I promise you that. I'm not. I'm not putting you before me. [00:18:40] Speaker C: But there are people who want you to be the center of their everything. You're responsible for their happiness. [00:18:47] Speaker D: Yeah, they're childish. [00:18:48] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:18:48] Speaker C: You think they're childish? [00:18:49] Speaker D: Very much so. [00:18:51] Speaker E: Childish you can't make yourself happy. [00:18:53] Speaker D: Okay. That's a better way to say your. [00:18:54] Speaker E: First responsibility is to make yourself happy. I absolutely agree with what she said. [00:18:58] Speaker D: I feel like that not in someone's else's detriment either. [00:19:01] Speaker E: Right. I feel like most of us go through that phase where we look at love that way. But as you grow and as you understand, like, yeah, I want my partner to be my best friend, but I still got a best friend. You know what I'm saying? I still want them to be. You need to be my friend. [00:19:18] Speaker D: So you're just saying that. [00:19:19] Speaker E: No. [00:19:20] Speaker D: How could somebody be your best friend? [00:19:23] Speaker E: What do you mean? Okay, we're not going to go on that conversation because I know you don't believe in best friends. [00:19:27] Speaker D: I don't believe in best friends. So that probably defeats the purpose. [00:19:29] Speaker E: That's why I said we're not going to go there. But definitely agree. I'm somebody who's always said, if I do get a lifetime partner and we decide to cohabitate, I want my own room. You have your own room. [00:19:42] Speaker B: I don't know about that. [00:19:43] Speaker E: Yes. [00:19:44] Speaker C: So somewhere to retreat to, is what you're saying. [00:19:46] Speaker E: Somewhere to retreat to. [00:19:47] Speaker D: You can have a space. You can have your own room, each. [00:19:50] Speaker E: Other'S space, then we're able to do that. But when we need time alone, we can separate. You know what I'm saying? It's up to us to effectively communicate so distance doesn't become a part of our relationship. [00:20:01] Speaker D: But I'm talking about your own room. You don't have your own room. You can have your own space. [00:20:04] Speaker E: I said, for me. For you and yours. You might want to do something different, but for me, that is how I'm going to establish my individuality in the couple. [00:20:16] Speaker D: I pray to God he does not allow you to do that. And I hope you all have. And I hope you all have many rooms in your home. And he says, no. Yeah, you all have the space. And he says, no, you will not. [00:20:30] Speaker E: But, I mean, you have to be an individual. I feel like a lot of times people get lost into the relationship and they forget that they still have to do things on their own. [00:20:41] Speaker D: That's why Ness was at best friends right now. That's why we're never best friends. It's too much work. Can't be my own friend, be tired of myself. Sometimes. [00:20:54] Speaker E: Friendships outside the relationship because some people get bad at that. They get lost into the relationship when it comes to that and isolate within that. And then they figure out the hard way that that person can't be there. Everything. [00:21:06] Speaker D: What's the hard way? Divorce? [00:21:08] Speaker E: No, not necessarily. But imagine, like you're going to be unfulfilled on some level. [00:21:12] Speaker D: I'm not going to imagine because I'm not going to be able to do it. [00:21:15] Speaker E: What? [00:21:15] Speaker D: I'm not going to be able to be your best friend. I just can't. I get sick of me sometime. I just like. [00:21:23] Speaker E: When people say that, they just mean that somebody who really cares about them outside of their romantic sense. You know what I'm saying? [00:21:28] Speaker C: Your husband. [00:21:29] Speaker D: Why? Got to be a husband and a best friend. That's crazy. That's two jobs. I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. If you want me to be my best friend, I'm not going to marry you. Next person because you could be a boyfriend and a best friend because it's friends involved. [00:21:46] Speaker E: But when you get the husband, the friend drop off. [00:21:48] Speaker D: Yeah. I mean, your friend won't be around my friend. [00:21:52] Speaker C: Some separation is needed. [00:21:54] Speaker D: Yes. [00:21:54] Speaker E: Anyway, that's just how people speak to a different level of the connection. Like it's not just the romantic connection, it's also just. [00:22:00] Speaker D: No. Okay. [00:22:02] Speaker C: Anyway, next video. [00:22:06] Speaker E: Nobody else said anything. [00:22:09] Speaker B: Go ahead to the next one. [00:22:10] Speaker D: I thought you had some Michelle Obama's lander. [00:22:13] Speaker B: No. [00:22:13] Speaker D: Okay. [00:22:14] Speaker B: I love her. [00:22:15] Speaker C: All right, next one. [00:22:20] Speaker G: Ain't provided for you. If a man ain't sacrificed for you, if a man ain't actually went and worked hard and dropped some sweat to make sure that you was taken care of, that's not love. And the crazy thing about a woman is a woman really don't love a man. A woman respects a man. So in order for you to love me, I'm not looking whether you a freak in a bed. I'm not looking whether you can suck me right. I'm not looking whether you can be quiet and listen and not say nothing in order for you to show me that you love me, you respect me as the man I am. But the only thing about women is women naturally respect a man on what they give. So if you're not giving and you're not providing and you're not paying the bills and you're not laying down law and you're not teaching, you're not worried about her emotions, then she going to talk to you crazy any type of way. I don't see that at all. I don't have no arguments, no problems, no nothing in my household, because I am meeting my end of the bargain, which is being the man that not the woman called me to be, but the man that God called me to be. [00:23:14] Speaker D: What? In the hotel? [00:23:17] Speaker B: I'm not even going to lie to you. I stopped listening. [00:23:19] Speaker D: He should have just stopped at 30 seconds. [00:23:21] Speaker E: Enough truth in there. [00:23:22] Speaker D: Yeah. For it to make a little sense. [00:23:28] Speaker B: That was it. [00:23:30] Speaker C: He waited till the end for God. He waited to the end. I'm not the man the woman wants me to be. I'm the man God put me here to be. [00:23:36] Speaker D: What is he talking about? [00:23:38] Speaker B: Nothing. [00:23:39] Speaker D: What you mean, nothing? [00:23:40] Speaker E: Go ahead. [00:23:41] Speaker D: Because he agreed. Not this boy. [00:23:46] Speaker C: I'm not saying I agree. [00:23:47] Speaker E: Go ahead. [00:23:48] Speaker C: She said, k just said that he put just an ounce of truth in there. [00:23:53] Speaker D: Not even an ounce. [00:23:54] Speaker C: So what was the truth? [00:23:55] Speaker D: Like, an 8th of an ounce? 3.5? [00:23:58] Speaker E: Like, yes. You need to be able to provide certain things for your woman. Like pay attention to her. All that stuff that was true. I don't know. The word sacrifice made me feel a little. And then I was out before that. Men don't care about respect. I mean, men don't care about love. They care about respect. I'm just like, all right, I was out. I've heard that conversation so many times. [00:24:23] Speaker D: And I'm just like, that's sort of true, but kind of not true at all. They want both. I don't have to choose between the two. [00:24:30] Speaker E: And if you love me, I hope that you're going to respect me, but you know what I'm saying? And if you don't respect me, then how can you love me? So it's just like they go hand in hand. This idea that a lot of times we hear that kind of content online, I'm like, men are trying to say that you all don't want love. I don't get it. [00:24:46] Speaker B: It's a balance I don't get to. [00:24:48] Speaker E: Have and I can't agree with, you know what I'm saying? Like I said, he put just enough truth. So that's going to go viral now. [00:24:53] Speaker C: That was my point for putting it up there. [00:24:54] Speaker D: I just wanted to visual you saved. [00:25:03] Speaker E: I mean, the men in the room, you all won't love or you all won't respect from the women in your life. [00:25:09] Speaker C: I think, like you said, the love brings the. Like, if a woman loves you, she respects you, she shows you respect. You don't think so? [00:25:19] Speaker E: I feel like you can love somebody and lose respect for them. [00:25:21] Speaker C: You can lose. [00:25:22] Speaker E: We're talking about the healthy way of doing. [00:25:24] Speaker C: The healthy way of doing. [00:25:25] Speaker E: Need to have both. [00:25:26] Speaker C: Yeah, exactly. I think both work together. Can't sprinkle appreciation because that don't come. [00:25:33] Speaker D: Heavy on the appreciation. [00:25:36] Speaker C: Oh, listen, we get none. [00:25:37] Speaker E: Let me cater. [00:25:41] Speaker D: No, put your cuff links. No, I don't want any of that. Don't hit me with all your questions. No, I would never because I'm not watching her feet. [00:25:52] Speaker E: Let me cater to you. [00:25:54] Speaker D: No, just appreciation. Just really saying. Well, you know what? [00:25:59] Speaker E: Thank you. [00:26:00] Speaker D: Thank you. But maybe tonight I don't got to tell them everything. Just some quiet, like if you're having a bad day. [00:26:08] Speaker E: Can't do that with your own room. [00:26:10] Speaker D: No, because, well, a woman can have her own room, but a man can't have his own room because a woman will find her way in the space. Yeah, he's having a good time in there. [00:26:23] Speaker E: I want to have my space. That you won't come in unless you ask for permission. [00:26:27] Speaker D: You won't do that for his permission. [00:26:28] Speaker E: Why not? [00:26:29] Speaker D: Because women aren't set up that way if they see you having such a good time. [00:26:32] Speaker E: Hey, babe, what you doing in here? [00:26:34] Speaker D: Don't knock on my door. [00:26:36] Speaker B: I love that you have that as untraditional. [00:26:39] Speaker D: What if you got a ring camera? [00:26:42] Speaker E: Because I don't want to get married. [00:26:45] Speaker D: You say a ring door, a ring in the house. [00:26:47] Speaker B: You know what, that might work. [00:26:50] Speaker E: Do you want to watch movies like ding ding? No, not nice. [00:26:55] Speaker D: I'm straight. [00:26:57] Speaker C: And the Dolby locked. [00:26:58] Speaker D: Yeah. No, you don't want that. [00:27:00] Speaker E: I do want that. I do want that because I'm the person that would do that. I need my own space. [00:27:06] Speaker C: You're going to have a ring camera too. [00:27:08] Speaker B: That's why I have a padlock on my. [00:27:09] Speaker D: That's why you all shouldn't come home at the same time. [00:27:12] Speaker E: So you can have some time to. [00:27:13] Speaker D: Yourself when you come home from work. You need time for yourself. [00:27:16] Speaker E: That's why people sit in the car for like 2 hours. [00:27:19] Speaker D: I'm not. [00:27:19] Speaker B: I sit in the car anyway. [00:27:21] Speaker D: And I ain't got nobody when I was married. Did you? [00:27:26] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:27:27] Speaker D: But sometimes you just have to decompress. So I don't think anybody should be handling nothing time they get home. [00:27:32] Speaker E: But that's what I'm saying. And granted, it might not work for you, but for me, it's not building distance where we can't come together if we need to or if we want to. It's just us having our own. [00:27:44] Speaker D: Only if he signs off on that. [00:27:46] Speaker E: Yeah, of course. Your husband force somebody to do because. [00:27:49] Speaker D: You would not be shacking. I know that about KB. You would not be shacking. Cohabitation. [00:27:54] Speaker E: I want to get married. [00:27:56] Speaker B: I don't. [00:27:58] Speaker D: You getting married. I say, don't let that girl. Do you like that. Don't let him take your good years. Yeah. [00:28:10] Speaker C: Anyway, one last one. Steve. Steve Harvey was asked this question. [00:28:15] Speaker B: He has been disqualified. [00:28:18] Speaker D: He really has disqualified himself. [00:28:21] Speaker C: Agree or disagree? [00:28:23] Speaker B: Single. And I've been mingling, but at the same time, the guys are always wanting to just text and not call. And I'm like, why don't you want to just conversate on the phone? Because sometimes text can lead into miscommunication. [00:28:39] Speaker D: Right? [00:28:39] Speaker B: So I'm wondering, how can I get a guy to actually call and have a conversation instead of always texting all the time? [00:28:47] Speaker H: But I mean, it's really simple. Here's what you got to do. When they text, don't respond. Just don't answer the text. [00:28:55] Speaker C: I saw that. I instantly thought of Cl. [00:28:58] Speaker E: Now I kind of agree with this one. [00:29:00] Speaker B: He might got a point there. [00:29:02] Speaker C: Hold on, let me finish it. [00:29:04] Speaker H: Excuse me, are you getting my text? Yeah, got all of them. [00:29:07] Speaker D: Wow. [00:29:11] Speaker H: Don't text, don't respond. Just don't answer the text. They text, act like you ain't get it. They're going to text again. Act like you ain't going to get it. You're going to get a phone call. Excuse me, are you getting my text? Yeah, got all of them. Well, how come you didn't hit me back? Because I don't text. I talk to people, and this is a perfect time. Let me tell you all something. You can train a man how to treat you. I try to teach this woman, a man is trainable. If we want you, you can train us how you want us to be, how you want us to treat you. So when you meet the guy, just go, I tell you something. I really, really love men who communicate, who put the time in to call and ask me how my day is going and want to know more about me. I love men who call and communicate. Guess what they going to do? They're going to call to communicate. You won't get a single text, but if you respond to the text, they're going to keep texting you. [00:30:18] Speaker D: That works for men and women. [00:30:20] Speaker E: Yeah, I was about to say that. [00:30:22] Speaker B: Yeah, but that goes back into manipulating. You're just manipulating somebody to be what you want for that moment. [00:30:31] Speaker D: We all are doing that. You manipulate some level, you manipulate your kids, you could manipulate your animal. You can manipulate work. You know how to make tag, like, the keys moving and they're not moving. [00:30:42] Speaker C: You just did. [00:30:43] Speaker D: They tapping. [00:30:43] Speaker E: We give manipulation a bad connotation. [00:30:45] Speaker D: I don't think it's bad, especially if it's. [00:30:47] Speaker E: It can be used for bad or good, but it's like if we're all seeking to get what we need or what we want, I kind of understand. [00:30:54] Speaker C: See, here's the thing. Cl, right. Don't text him. I'm going to tell you why not to text him. He does not read text. He looks at him, he opens. [00:31:03] Speaker D: I probably don't read them as the right one. Yeah. [00:31:05] Speaker C: So you have to call him. I didn't start out doing that. I started out texting him. [00:31:11] Speaker D: Right. Yeah. Which is kind of flirting with me. Hey, my guy home? [00:31:19] Speaker C: Shut up. [00:31:20] Speaker D: Don't do that. [00:31:20] Speaker C: But like I said, to the point, I don't know if this is manipulation more so than setting a boundary and. [00:31:28] Speaker D: Saying, hey, look, I don't text, especially nothing important, right? [00:31:32] Speaker C: I don't text. I talk. [00:31:33] Speaker D: Yeah. You on your way? Yes. [00:31:35] Speaker E: I think it made me think about, like, most of the guys I've dated, they didn't know how to date, but here I am. I take myself out on date, so I know how to date. You know what I'm saying? So, hey, meet me here. [00:31:47] Speaker D: Slowly but surely, you're not kissing no more toads. So you're looking for Prince now? So you got to keep practicing. [00:31:52] Speaker E: What I'm saying is, it was the same thing. It was like they caught on, and so it was, hey, I got someplace I want to take you. Now we're dating. You're actually taking me out. So it's like. I get it. A broken clock. [00:32:08] Speaker D: I think you teach people how to treat you. [00:32:09] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:32:10] Speaker D: And we have to teach people how to treat us. And when people mistreat us, sometimes it. [00:32:14] Speaker C: Is our fault because we didn't lay our boundaries. [00:32:20] Speaker D: You want to protect their feelings. I don't want to hurt him. [00:32:28] Speaker E: Hurt feelings early on, so you won't have to hurt them later when they get deeper. That's my model. [00:32:33] Speaker D: Okay, so you set boundaries. [00:32:36] Speaker E: I try to, yeah. [00:32:38] Speaker D: Now, what's the difference between something you don't like and a boundary? [00:32:43] Speaker E: If it's something I don't like and it's based off of, like, an insecurity or something I haven't solved within myself, then that's a conversation I need to have with myself. [00:32:51] Speaker D: Do you have the conversation with yourself? [00:32:52] Speaker E: I try to. [00:32:54] Speaker D: Come on, guy. You don't text back what you don't text yourself back. You don't text yourself back. [00:33:02] Speaker E: What do you mean? [00:33:03] Speaker D: Because you said, when it comes from an insecurity, what do you do with it? [00:33:09] Speaker E: I question that. You know what I'm saying? I might still present because they probably need to be aware of this. [00:33:14] Speaker D: But if you've already made him, let's say you had an outburst with him based upon your own insecurity, so now. [00:33:20] Speaker B: We make you the problem. [00:33:23] Speaker E: Got you. [00:33:23] Speaker D: Or let's say Cedric right there does it and he realizes it's from his insecurity. He doesn't go back and apologize for it. [00:33:35] Speaker E: Why not? [00:33:37] Speaker D: She's a man. You just do better next time. Like, most people don't fix it. When I say they don't text back, you don't fix it. You don't go to that person, say, hey, I have an insecurity about said thing. [00:33:51] Speaker E: Most people need to grow up. [00:33:52] Speaker C: They do, but people don't. To see off point, a lot of. [00:33:56] Speaker D: People in conversation, they don't come back in. [00:33:57] Speaker C: And I don't know if you've encountered this, but people who have issues through insecurities, they're not coming back to check in and be like, hey, look, I acted off of, this is what happened, and this is my own insecurity within myself. So I'm apologizing for whatever action it is. [00:34:16] Speaker E: I've had people do that and I've done that before too. Now, granted, I'm not saying that it's easy. A lot of times a conversation has to take place, and if I recognize or media times before that person, is this not coming from me? I feel like you need to address this within yourself and then we can discuss it or whatever, and it might take a while, but what if they. [00:34:34] Speaker D: Even told you, like, I always felt like nobody was there for me, and then you all get an argument or something happens and you're like, I feel like you're not there for me. [00:34:42] Speaker E: Okay? That's what manipulation is. [00:34:44] Speaker D: But you already felt that before, so don't put the responsibility on me now. I may have disappointed you, right? Or let you down or even lied to you, okay? But I didn't make you feel like nobody was there for you. You already came in with that feeling. Yeah, I just may have triggered it a little bit. [00:35:00] Speaker B: Right. [00:35:02] Speaker D: But I can't make you have that feeling off one action. [00:35:04] Speaker E: But I don't believe, like, insecurities are not your partners or whoever. You're dealing with responsibilities, but they do need to be aware of it. Just, like, triggers. You know what I'm saying? If I'm going to be operating in this space with you, I need to be aware of what I'm getting myself into and vice versa. I'm going to try to communicate. Sometimes we don't know an insecurity or a trigger until we're in connection with somebody. You know what I'm saying? [00:35:25] Speaker D: Know. They already know. [00:35:26] Speaker E: No, some people do not. And I can say that as somebody who I didn't know some of the triggers I had before I started dating. So it's just like, damn, I've been by myself so long and only been operating in a certain space. That connection taught me more about myself that I didn't know or I was not aware of. [00:35:42] Speaker D: Because you're selfish. [00:35:43] Speaker E: Okay. [00:35:45] Speaker D: Own it. Accountability. [00:35:47] Speaker E: Selfishness has a place. [00:35:48] Speaker D: Accountability. Come on. Come on. [00:35:50] Speaker B: Hey, accountability. [00:35:54] Speaker D: Love Joan. [00:35:54] Speaker E: Right? [00:35:55] Speaker D: I'm just saying, like, Deek? [00:35:59] Speaker B: Yes. [00:35:59] Speaker D: You need to tell her something. [00:36:01] Speaker B: What did I need to tell y'all? [00:36:02] Speaker D: Okay, you don't know. [00:36:03] Speaker B: You need to tell me. [00:36:04] Speaker D: I'm just saying. I was just asking because I want to ask. [00:36:06] Speaker B: Oh, no. I still feel like it's a form of bad manipulation. I don't feel like you can train somebody how to treat. [00:36:16] Speaker D: You absolutely can. [00:36:18] Speaker B: No, but is it real? [00:36:20] Speaker D: You've taught your children how to have a certain behavior. [00:36:23] Speaker B: Yeah, but they see that in the world of how they behave, the consequences of not listening to me. [00:36:30] Speaker D: Okay, well, hold on a second. But you instill that in them smaller than later. So when you wasn't going, let's say you all haven't even left the house yet, you don't run across our chairs, because you don't run across nobody's chairs. They don't even know what's in the world yet. We don't do that. So if you don't do it here, you don't do it at Granny's, you don't do it at school. [00:36:52] Speaker B: I understand that. But going into dating, if a man is just texting me, and I'm like, okay, I'm not going to answer his. [00:36:58] Speaker D: Text, but don't say it like that. [00:37:00] Speaker B: But, I mean, that's the conversation. I can't get anybody to be a different way. Yes, you can. Than they are. So if he starts to call me. Okay, now what? Yeah. I don't feel like teaching somebody how to date. [00:37:17] Speaker E: And that's the underlying. Because that's what I was about to say with you. I'm like. I feel like that's what you're saying. I want you to come with some of these skills already, and that's fair. But let's say it wasn't the texting thing, it was dating or it was something else at some point. Sometimes people are going to come with some of the skills not as developed as we want them to be. And we have a choice to make whether we're going to help them get to that point. [00:37:40] Speaker D: So you don't want to tell a man nothing? [00:37:42] Speaker B: No, I ain't say that. [00:37:44] Speaker D: Okay, but why couldn't you tell? [00:37:45] Speaker B: Why certain things should just be like. [00:37:47] Speaker D: It's not. No, common sense ain't all that common. [00:37:49] Speaker E: I'm not your homeboy fixing thing. Because people nowadays don't call no more. [00:37:53] Speaker B: If you don't want to hear my voice, you don't like me. [00:37:56] Speaker D: Nick. If you don't want to hear my. [00:37:59] Speaker B: Voice, you don't like me. You don't want to see me, you don't like me. [00:38:02] Speaker D: He might be shy. No, but what if he met you online? [00:38:07] Speaker B: Then he should ask for my phone number. He shouldn't ask my phone number. If you don't want to talk to me on the phone, you don't even know how my voice sounds. Okay. You might not like my list. I know you like my voice. You may not like, but maybe he. [00:38:23] Speaker D: Can learn to like it. He may not like it. [00:38:25] Speaker E: At first I feel like that's the part that I'm thinking about, is like, sometimes we forget that just because we're adults, we're not done learning. And even when you're coming in contact with somebody else, it's still more to learn. It's still more to adjust within how you approach things. So I get what you're saying, setting a boundary and saying, hey, I'm not trying to do some of this work. That's fair. But it's also fair for somebody to look at it and be like, all right, I'm ready to help you learn how to treat me or learn how to show up for me. Because sometimes it's not that the person is trying to be manipulative or they don't want to get it. Some people just come from a lot of bad connections, and they're used to toxicness. They're not used to having things up front. [00:39:06] Speaker B: I'm about to be 40 years old. If you don't like to talk on the phone and you just text and text and texting, and that's how you communicate. Maybe I'm too old for you. [00:39:15] Speaker D: Well, maybe it's perspective, because your perspective is, I'm too old to teach you anything. Age is not a sign of maturity. [00:39:26] Speaker E: No, it's not. [00:39:29] Speaker B: That's basic communication, though, to me. But really, I have to talk to you on the phone. I have to hear your voice and know you're real. [00:39:37] Speaker D: Some people have been texting or communicating via online or words for the last 40 years. [00:39:43] Speaker E: Yeah, let's say he's dated or was in a long term relationship or whatever before he got there, and all they did was text. You know what I'm saying? That's what he's used to. So I'm like, some stuff I can be like, all right, let me show you what I require, and you can decide for yourself whether you're going to meet that requirement. [00:40:00] Speaker D: So it's about what you need, not what he's doing. [00:40:02] Speaker B: But see if he's the type of person that likes to text. I'm going to vocally say, hey, I like to be on the phone. I like to talk to. I'm going to say that. [00:40:11] Speaker D: Don't say, hey, I like to be on the phone. You got to talk to him nice. [00:40:14] Speaker B: I mean, I'm going to talk to him nice. Of course. Yeah. But if he doesn't respect that or he just like, he's, oh, I'm a texter. [00:40:24] Speaker D: Okay. [00:40:25] Speaker B: How much time are you lose out on me? [00:40:26] Speaker D: How much time are you giving him? How much time are you giving him? Two weeks. Because if I've been operating away for 40 years or ten years, sometimes old habits are hard to break. But it's just like, this is how. [00:40:43] Speaker B: I look at it, and this is how I look at it because I hate that excuse of, I've been doing this for 40 years. When you get on a job and you say, I've been working this other job for 15 years, this is how I do it. And they say, well, in order to keep this job, you got to do this, are you going to say, well, I can't? No, you're going to do it. [00:41:01] Speaker D: So you a job. [00:41:02] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:41:02] Speaker D: Okay. I ain't no carisha relationship. I didn't know. Now I know that you ain't carisha, Carisha. [00:41:09] Speaker B: Because if I'm a job, if I'm being vocal about how I want to. [00:41:14] Speaker D: Communicate with you, being vocal and having a conversation I don't think are the same things in my opinion. [00:41:19] Speaker B: I have a conversation and say, hey, one conversation. Like to text me all the time and you don't want to call. [00:41:24] Speaker D: Well, you don't have to say that. You can say, I'm just asking. I would prefer. [00:41:28] Speaker B: And if he say, hey. Well, I prefer used to texting. Oh, well, I prefer you to. [00:41:33] Speaker D: Okay. I prefer you to text me twice. [00:41:35] Speaker B: So now I understand. [00:41:36] Speaker D: And call me twice, and then we can create a balance, because it's about teaching the other person how to deal with you. [00:41:44] Speaker B: I like talking on the phone. Call me. [00:41:47] Speaker D: Okay. Did you hear what I just said? [00:41:51] Speaker B: It's cute. [00:41:51] Speaker D: It's cute. Well, you don't want to keep it cute, then. All right, Nick, you're looking for thug Obama. Okay. Tupac Obama out here. Okay. Do you think. All right. Yeah. Tupac Obama. That's the only duke lover like me. [00:42:08] Speaker B: I'm out the game, so I don't have, like. [00:42:10] Speaker D: Oh, you found it. You found your. [00:42:15] Speaker B: Don'T. But even with him, and he lives in Maryland. I live here. [00:42:20] Speaker D: Okay. He better not text. [00:42:23] Speaker B: No, he can text, but our communication, like, I want to hear your voice. [00:42:28] Speaker D: I'm a little lost now. I want to ask no questions about the mic so we can get off Mike, but I'm a little lost now. [00:42:33] Speaker B: Why are you lost? [00:42:33] Speaker E: This relationship. Sorry. I think. [00:42:35] Speaker B: Why are you lost? [00:42:36] Speaker D: He moved. [00:42:37] Speaker B: No, he's always lived in Maryland. [00:42:40] Speaker D: I'm thoroughly confused. [00:42:42] Speaker B: You didn't know that? [00:42:45] Speaker E: And that is a wrap. [00:42:47] Speaker D: I'll text you. [00:42:48] Speaker C: Thank you. Thank you for joining us once again. [00:42:51] Speaker E: Glad to be here. [00:42:53] Speaker D: Neat. [00:42:54] Speaker C: Go and take us out. [00:42:55] Speaker B: All right. Thank you all for listening. It's your girl. [00:42:57] Speaker E: Neat. [00:42:57] Speaker D: Cruz Cl Butler shouts out to the Merlin. DC air, the DMV. Joe. [00:43:05] Speaker C: Joe ain't from the DMV. Joe from Chicago. [00:43:08] Speaker D: No, Joe. That's what they say in Chicago. That's what they say in DC. [00:43:13] Speaker C: I heard that. Not once. [00:43:17] Speaker D: Happy momo zone.

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