January 04, 2023


123rd Lunch Date: Why are They Engaged?

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
123rd Lunch Date: Why are They Engaged?
Relationship Status Podcast
123rd Lunch Date: Why are They Engaged?

Jan 04 2023 | 00:33:39


Show Notes


Hosts: Nique Crews, C.L. Butler, & Yusuf

Topic: Advice Letter

On today's episode of Relationship Status, the team is joined again by the ladies of the Pitch'd & UnScript'd Podcast, Mena, Mel, and A.J. They start off with a story about Stephen that you don't want to miss. They then get into an Advice letter from the RSP Facebook Group which wants to know what to do about a stagnant relationship that started with sex on the first date. Be prepared to laugh out loud, shake your head, disagree, and maybe even surprise yourself by agreeing with a few controversial points. All this and more in this episode. Join the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/195408429382173/ 


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