January 06, 2022


Bonus Episode: Imma Just Go Lay Down

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
Bonus Episode: Imma Just Go Lay Down
Relationship Status Podcast
Bonus Episode: Imma Just Go Lay Down

Jan 06 2022 | 01:36:05


Show Notes

Hosts: Key, Jeff, Ibby, and Yusuf


Topic: RTL S4 Episode 11 

Key(MyCurlsspeak With Key Podcast), Jeff, and Ibby, and Yusuf discuss Season 4 Episode 11 of the Own hit reality show “Ready to Love.” The team starts out with the "Date one, Dump one, Destroy one" segment the Betty White edition. The show begins by discussing the different family meetings that the ladies took their top connections on. They discuss Aiesha's gene pool, Phil's flowers, dad and uncle in full African garb, and the virtual meet-up. Things get serious when the team discusses the disagreement/misunderstanding between Shiloh and Phil. They close out the show with their segments "Winners and Losers", and give their predictions on who is actually Ready to Love.  Remember to email and/or leave feedback on any of RSP's social media platforms. 


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