February 24, 2021


59th Lunch Date: Never Negotiate with Terrorists

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
59th Lunch Date: Never Negotiate with Terrorists
Relationship Status Podcast
59th Lunch Date: Never Negotiate with Terrorists

Feb 24 2021 | 01:17:56


Show Notes

Hosts: Nique Crews, C.L. Butler, Nateisha, & Yusuf


Topic: Married At First Sight S12 Ep 6 Review


This week the crew took time during their live show to cover the Lifetime hit show “Married at First Sight” S12 Ep. 6. The team is joined by K. Antoinette “The Blogger” of the LBF Podcast.  They begin with Ryan & Clara. They talk about the conversation that Ryan and Clara had about Ryan never saying the words “I love you.” The team discusses how Ryan’s calming demeanor is a good contrast to Clara’s brashness and they discuss the different parenting styles of the couple. They pose the question “Can a difference in parenting styles make for difficulties in a relationship.” They transition into Briana & Vincent. They talk about her strong personality and how it clashes with Vincent’s snail pace but the crew feels that this couple has the best chance at survival. The crew then transitions into Jacob & Hailey. They discuss the tension between the two, how sex has affected their relationship, and Jacob’s attempt to put his foot down. The team then discusses Virginia & Eric. The team is surprised by some visitors. The married couple Patti and Darius join the crew. They continue to talk about Eric’s discussion with Virginia about her altering her lifestyle. And of course, they discuss Chris & Paige…….enough said. They close out with the “Who you ridden’ with” segment. The crew looks forward to hearing your feedback as well, so be sure to chime in on their social media platforms, or email them with a response.


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