July 24, 2023


212th Date: Relationships are Like Rifles

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
212th Date: Relationships are Like Rifles
Relationship Status Podcast
212th Date: Relationships are Like Rifles

Jul 24 2023 | 01:25:04


Show Notes

Hosts: Nique Crews, C.L. Butler, & Yusuf


On today's episode of The Relationship Status Podcast, the crew discusses PTRS(Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome). They talk about the different indicators that one has PTRS. C.L. says that Nique is short and long-winded. They talk about who gets the check. and as always, The "Dear Nique" Segment. All this and more in today’s episode. As always, the team encourages listeners to chime in, whether via email or on their social media platforms.


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