July 03, 2023


211th Date: Complaining Just Eats At The Energy Of the Relationship

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
211th Date: Complaining Just Eats At The Energy Of the Relationship
Relationship Status Podcast
211th Date: Complaining Just Eats At The Energy Of the Relationship

Jul 03 2023 | 00:58:25


Show Notes

Hosts: Nique Crews, C.L. Butler, & Yusuf


On today's episode of Relationship Status, the team is joined by Dr. Michael & Dr. Barbra Grossman, Relationship therapists and authors of the book “Ageless Love.” They start out by talking about how they made it to 50 years of marriage, how to deal with conflict in a relationship and daily sharing. They discuss how to communicate during a conflict and the doctors give their thoughts on the divorce rate today. They talk about 50/50 and roles within a marriage. They then get into the book “Ageless Love.” They discuss the idea for the book and some of things discussed in the book. They then get into the term they use “living as a wave.” They then talk about the 8 prescriptions to living as a wave in your romantic relationship:


  1. Understand and accept that in a long-term romantic partnership, you will not always experience a smooth ride over the years. (37:21)
  2. When you have a serious or sensitive subject to discuss, make an appointment with each other so that you both can give the conversation your undivided attention. (39:22)
  3. Practice focused listening, which means listening without interrupting. (43:45)
  4. In a positive way, share the specific behaviors that describe how you want to be treated by your partner. Say, “It would really make me happy if ………” (44:00)
  5. Explore the idea that you and your partner are different in how you see the world. Accepting your differences creates a more authentically happy relationship.(46:02)
  6. Distribute distinct chores and responsibilities for each partner so that you can appreciate your partner for what they do.(50:00)
  7. In the quantum field, there are unlimited possibilities. Therefore, we want you to think about what you want for yourself in your romantic relationship.(51:28)
  8. To experience what you most desire—a great love and ongoing expansion of the heart and mind with a partner—take concrete steps. (52:45).

All this and more in today’s episode. As always, the team encourages listeners to chime in, whether via email or on their social media platforms.

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