January 17, 2024


146th Lunch Date: I'm Not Buying No All-Star Breakfast With My...........

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
146th Lunch Date: I'm Not Buying No All-Star Breakfast With My...........
Relationship Status Podcast
146th Lunch Date: I'm Not Buying No All-Star Breakfast With My...........

Jan 17 2024 | 00:28:59


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Hosts: C.L. Nique, & Yusuf 


On today's episode of The Relationship Status Podcast, the crew is joined by Social Media Influencer, Eddie Griffin. The crew gets into a complex situation where a listener grapples with the aftermath of a fiery relationship. The individual opens up about being ghosted by an ex after intense arguments, complicated by the ex's overbearing mother. The hosts explore the emotional toll of unresolved issues, discussing the listener's attempts to find closure in a church group they once shared with their ex. The conversation evolves into a candid discussion about boundaries, codependency, and the challenges of healing after a tumultuous breakup. With varying perspectives, the hosts offer advice on self-respect, detachment, and the importance of seeking professional help. As they dissect the listener's situation, they highlight the dangers of romanticizing toxic relationships and emphasize the significance of personal growth and moving forward. The episode concludes with humorous suggestions to lift the listener's spirits and encourage them to focus on self-love and exploration.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:10] Speaker A: Welcome back to relationship status. It's your girl, Nick Cruz and your. [00:00:14] Speaker B: Boy Yusuf in the building. And remember, you can find us on all podcast platforms as well as relationshipstatuspodcast.com. Remember to like share, follow and five star rate. Make sure that you join the conversation in the relationship status page, relationship status podcast page as well as the relationship status podcast advice group on Facebook. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at Reelstat podcast and TikTok. Reelstat podcast here for another pump day. Hey, man. Ain't heard that in a minute. [00:00:48] Speaker A: Yeah, we haven't. [00:00:49] Speaker C: I was going to say great day. [00:00:51] Speaker A: That's a new. You heard that in a minute. [00:00:53] Speaker B: Yeah. And here with big Eddie Griffin. [00:00:57] Speaker C: Hola. [00:00:58] Speaker B: Come on, star. That's not the response we'll be in. Oh, there you go. There you go. Now, we responded. [00:01:05] Speaker A: Now, we responded. Now, we responded on this beautiful hump day. [00:01:08] Speaker B: On this beautiful hump day. [00:01:10] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:01:11] Speaker A: We're not humping around. [00:01:15] Speaker C: Not yet, anyway. [00:01:19] Speaker A: What are you doing after this? [00:01:21] Speaker C: I'm going home. No action whatsoever. [00:01:25] Speaker B: God, doggie, where's that drop? [00:01:28] Speaker A: You missed it. [00:01:29] Speaker B: I missed the time. [00:01:30] Speaker A: You missed the time. [00:01:31] Speaker B: It's too late. It's too late. It's too late. We're going to get right into it. There was a social media post. Can you go ahead and I wish. [00:01:39] Speaker A: You would like, tell me. So a young lady had a. Well, she made a statement more than a question. And she says that there's nothing wrong with accepting free drinks from men that are at the bar that are in relationships if you're with. [00:02:02] Speaker B: Yes, there is. There is accepting. [00:02:06] Speaker C: So accepting a drink while you're in. [00:02:09] Speaker A: A relationship, while you're drink from a man in a relationship. [00:02:12] Speaker C: Oh, accepting a drink from a man that's in a relationship. [00:02:15] Speaker B: Yes. [00:02:15] Speaker C: Oh, no, sweetheart. I don't know. That drink might come with some drama. [00:02:23] Speaker B: Okay, but why? I think people look at the action rather than the intent. And that's the problem with doing it. The problem with doing it is the intent. [00:02:33] Speaker C: It's the intent. Yeah, and it's the action, too. [00:02:36] Speaker B: No man is buying a unless they're friends. Unless this is my friend and we're out as friends or we're on a date. No man in the history of Mandam has bought a woman a drink without any intent. [00:02:49] Speaker C: If he's buying you a drink, he wants to hunch he's expecting something. [00:02:56] Speaker B: That is always the intent. [00:02:57] Speaker C: That's always the intent. I don't know, if I buy a man a drink, I'm expecting some. [00:03:01] Speaker A: I'm not buying a drink. [00:03:04] Speaker C: But if I bought you a drink. [00:03:07] Speaker B: Understand that that's what it was. [00:03:09] Speaker C: Understand that? I was asking for some. I was asking you for some. I wasn't buying you to drink to be nice. Unless he bought me a drink and I bought him run in return, sir, you will not be getting any from me. [00:03:22] Speaker A: We got a trade off. [00:03:23] Speaker C: We are even. [00:03:25] Speaker A: We are balanced. [00:03:26] Speaker C: We are even. Okay. I owe you nothing. [00:03:29] Speaker A: I don't know. I don't mind it that man. [00:03:34] Speaker C: Now I'm going to drink it. [00:03:36] Speaker A: Yeah. I've told that man to go buy drinks, like, go out, have fun. [00:03:43] Speaker B: No, you told your boyfriend to go buy drinks for other women. [00:03:46] Speaker A: To do that, to do it like that. He ain't got it like that. First of all, he doesn't. You're not, let me not say thou. [00:03:55] Speaker B: Shalt not set me up. I tell you that. [00:03:58] Speaker A: I'm not going to say he broke. [00:04:01] Speaker B: Or anything, but we're not talking, counting that man pockets. [00:04:06] Speaker A: But I don't know. Not to say he has low self esteem, but he's kind of quiet. [00:04:14] Speaker B: Nick. He does listen to the show. [00:04:15] Speaker A: Yeah, he be, he'd just be no. Like, a lot of times he'll be like, if he does go, because he don't even go to bars like that or even like, that's not even his thing. So I always like, go out, have fun, buy somebody a drink, dance with somebody. As long as you know your limits. I just want you to enjoy yourself and have a good time. [00:04:40] Speaker C: I mean, I'm with having a good time. [00:04:42] Speaker A: Yeah. And I don't feel like as having a good time when you go to a bar, but the holes can be thirsty. Of course. But he has to have self control. Yeah, as long as he has self control. I'm not worried about what I'm host got going on. [00:04:53] Speaker C: No, I mean, they're going to be thirsty as they ain't drinking nothing. Oh, throat going to be dry. [00:05:01] Speaker A: As long as he knows his limits. Because I'm going to go out and I'm going to have fun. Thank you. [00:05:11] Speaker B: That's what I'm saying. And then I saw a post it said that women are afraid to reject a man because they can get violent. Is that you that posted it? [00:05:27] Speaker C: Yes. [00:05:28] Speaker B: All right. I've bought you two, three drinks. You've accepted two, three drinks. [00:05:34] Speaker A: If I don't hold on. [00:05:36] Speaker B: Why? I am of the opinion that by you accepting these drinks from me, we're in this game now where, you know, I didn't randomly just buy, hey, I picked be you. Hey, you. I got a bunch of money to spend and I'm just going to buy you a drink. [00:05:54] Speaker C: That's when you start buying his drinks back. [00:05:57] Speaker A: I bought it. [00:05:58] Speaker C: Like, if I'm feeling that vibe and I know I'm not with it, like, if I'm with it, I'll let you buy the drink, but if I'm not with it, oh, you going to get them drinks back? [00:06:04] Speaker B: Exactly. [00:06:05] Speaker A: I'm going to let you buy one. [00:06:07] Speaker B: I'm just going off that. You saying you would take multiple and that's why. Multiple people from multiple people. [00:06:14] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay, but, like, one drink. If a guy just buys me a drink, I don't feel no type of way about that. When he start buying me multiple drinks. No, my man can't go out there and buy nobody multiple drinks. That means you adding up. [00:06:29] Speaker C: She can't get the one. [00:06:30] Speaker B: Listen, I'm not buying her one. Can you imagine, like, coming home and I'll be like, baby, I bought about seven drinks tonight. For who? [00:06:42] Speaker C: I wouldn't be mad at you. I'm going back there and throw them up. [00:06:48] Speaker A: He came back one night, he was like, baby, I ain't buying no drinks tonight, okay? [00:06:54] Speaker B: Because that's real. Listen, you will not set me up for the Okie dope. [00:07:00] Speaker A: Well, I always look at it like this. I can't stop anybody from doing anything. If you're going to do it, you're. [00:07:06] Speaker C: Going to do it. [00:07:07] Speaker A: When it comes to being out, I grew up in club culture, where we all just was drinking, having a good time. It didn't matter who was we who. It's just we out there in the middle of the floor dancing. So I never thought about a guy buying me a drink, and I'm going home with him because I ain't never. [00:07:28] Speaker B: It ain't even about going home with him. But he feels like if I bought you a drink and you accepted it, all right, my next natural thing to do is spark up a conversation while we sit there and have this drink together. Because I didn't buy you this drink to walk the hell off. [00:07:42] Speaker A: See, I did not grow up in that type of. [00:07:46] Speaker C: Club culture. I did experience, like, guys buy your drink, never. Don't say nothing else to you. [00:07:52] Speaker A: He's just in the middle of floor dance. I might see him again, I might not. [00:07:56] Speaker B: I don't know these dudes. [00:07:58] Speaker A: Yeah. In a loud club, I've never had a guy try to talk to me after a drink. Right? [00:08:04] Speaker C: I only can say that from speaking. From the few times it has happened where a guy hasn't approached me after a drink. But really, I'm talking about the spirits that I've seen. Because typically I haven't had an issue where I've had to be like, no, I don't want to go with you or talk to you because you bought me a drink. It's just that we know that's pretty much expected. What's expected to be approached after a guy buys a drink, you kind of expect it. But I haven't had that. [00:08:33] Speaker A: Yeah, with certain guys, you know, like, yeah, hey, just to see the way he looks. But I've had some guys be like, oh, yeah, her drink. Get her a drink on me. And he walk off. [00:08:45] Speaker C: Now, what I don't do is let them buy me food after. You would not be buying my food. [00:08:50] Speaker A: Nobody food after the club. In the club or after. No, don't buy nobody no meals. Nobody. [00:09:00] Speaker C: Don't buy me nothing. Like, if we go some, y'all going to IhOP, you all going wapa house? Yeah, I'll pay for your food. [00:09:05] Speaker A: Hell, no. [00:09:07] Speaker C: You're going home because I'm not paying for no all star meal with my coochie. We're not doing that. That's what you were thinking? No, sir. Not happening. [00:09:22] Speaker B: I guess I just think that the. [00:09:24] Speaker C: Intent bought you five wings and think he won't have you for 5 hours. No, sir. [00:09:29] Speaker A: And new be like, I just put my order in. Don't worry about it. I got it. [00:09:34] Speaker C: I wouldn't order the food if I couldn't pay for it. My boy. [00:09:36] Speaker A: There you go. I might even throw out there. I could buy yours. [00:09:40] Speaker C: Okay. You want some meat? [00:09:42] Speaker A: I don't know. That might be an invitation. Like, she's trying to feed me now. You know what? Starve. Yes. [00:09:48] Speaker C: Feeding me at a club or afterwards will not happen. [00:09:51] Speaker A: First of all, you're not going to see me after the lights cut on or even like just at the bar, like we go downtown. [00:09:59] Speaker C: I'm going to be going. [00:10:01] Speaker A: No, I'm going. [00:10:02] Speaker C: And at this age, now I'm out early anyway. Yeah, I'm not out here all night. Yeah, I'm not out here all night. I'm going to the crib, to the. [00:10:11] Speaker A: House, to the crib and lay down and rub my feet together. Turn on the Sopranos. [00:10:17] Speaker C: I love Lucy for me. [00:10:19] Speaker B: Oh, Lord. [00:10:20] Speaker A: I like that show, too. [00:10:22] Speaker C: I finished it from beginning to end. I love that show. What is that on Paramount and Hulu? Yep. [00:10:28] Speaker B: My hulu doesn't go there. All right. [00:10:31] Speaker A: Why doesn't it go there. [00:10:32] Speaker C: You should. [00:10:33] Speaker B: My hulu doesn't go. Like, my hulu is not going there. [00:10:36] Speaker A: Listen, who's the boss? Mary Talamore. Listen, because I just realized, like, watching Mary Talamore, the reason she ended up in Milwaukee from New York is because a guy didn't propose to her when he said he. [00:10:52] Speaker C: Got. [00:10:53] Speaker A: That's why she got there. That's why she left. And she went to Milwaukee. She ended up trying to find a job and a place to stay because the doctor that she was with for two years promised her once he finished school that he was going to give her this life. And at the end of it, he was, like, changing his mind. Things were different. And she left. [00:11:19] Speaker C: Yes. [00:11:20] Speaker A: I think it's crazy, though, now thinking about it. Yeah. Because after two years, he's just getting out of school. He's going into his residency. There's so much more. And we didn't think about it back then. We were like, yeah, he ain't getting you no ring. Yeah. [00:11:36] Speaker C: Okay. [00:11:37] Speaker A: That's women power. Go out there and work. And she was fighting for equal pay and all of that. [00:11:42] Speaker C: All of that. [00:11:44] Speaker A: Who is this Mary Talamore? [00:11:46] Speaker C: We should get mad at Mary, too, because why was she fighting for that right to work again? [00:11:50] Speaker A: Yeah, she was fighting heavy for the right to work heavy. Having meetings, wanting to feel established, wanting to feel on top of the world, wanting her own office. [00:12:04] Speaker B: I mean, Beyonce wrote a song. I'm an independent. Independent. [00:12:08] Speaker A: I'm a single ladies. [00:12:10] Speaker B: Is it single ladies? [00:12:11] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:12:11] Speaker B: No. What's the Independent? She had an independent. [00:12:16] Speaker C: By that time, we was in too deep. [00:12:17] Speaker A: Survivors. [00:12:19] Speaker C: We was in too deep, though, by that point. [00:12:21] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:12:23] Speaker C: Our generation got forced into it. We had no choice. [00:12:26] Speaker A: Yeah. At that point, was fighting for the right. [00:12:28] Speaker B: Somebody else made a song. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D. [00:12:32] Speaker A: They were still buying drinks, though. [00:12:36] Speaker B: But you could buy. [00:12:37] Speaker A: Because I had my own car. Because I had my own job. Two jobs. [00:12:45] Speaker B: Work hard. You a bad broad. All right. Speaking of bad situations here. All right. And a bad segue. All right. We got an advice letter. Dear Nick, I can't find myself to move on. I need encouragement. My ex ghosted me. Excuse me. Let me do this. We need to make our stuff a little bit more interesting. My ex ghosted me after a fiery relationship. We argued a lot because she never set boundaries with her mother. Her mom would get in the way so bad into the relationship. She would look through her phone and see our messages. It wasn't until I broke down and grown so tired of doing what she and her mom wanted that. I lost it mentally. I couldn't hold it anymore and I yelled at her how I was tired of everything and then she just ghosted me and sent her mom to break up with me. I didn't accept her mother's breakup because it was her fault to begin with. I went to her house and she called her mother to come and they humiliated me. I went to fix things, but her mom brainwashed her so bad she even told her to finish things. But when my ex said I'm done, I told her to say that. To say to break up, that we broken up. Then she said, it can't come out of my mouth. I don't know what to do now. Fast forward four months later. I thought I moved on. I've even been going to these church meetings on Thursdays. My ex and her mom used to go out. Used to go. But since the breakup they stopped. So the meetings became my safe place to express myself. It wasn't until last week they started coming again. Sitting about 4ft from me, they laugh and be all happy with other people and acting like I don't exist. Hearing my ex's soft, beautiful voice is destroying me. I want to get up and hug her so bad, but I need to respect myself. Her mom sometimes glances at me and one of those times we looked at each other for a few seconds. It felt horrible. And for my ex, when I speak in the group meetings, I see her looking down, trying to distract herself, but her face looks like she feels guilty. Or at least I make myself feel that she thinks that way. Other than that, they act like I don't exist, laughing and smiling with other people. I thought seeing them on Sundays for mass was hard enough. Now I got to see them 4ft away from me and hear them on Thursdays. I feel like they're trying to get near me and I feel like one day they will talk to me, but I'm not ready. I want my ex back so bad and I hate feeling this way. They don't deserve me, but the fact that I got no closure kills me. I don't know what to do. I thought I moved on. Help me, please. [00:15:29] Speaker A: One, that was emotional abuse, major, and it wasn't her mother. That was her being manipulative as hell. Two. You see why I say I don't want to be in the section with other people that I don't mess with no more because it does get hard when you have those type of friendships, relationships, and now you got to be like you're trying to recover from whatever they did to you. And now here they are enjoying life. They didn't just hurt you, and that eats at you, and you want to be like you slack, but you can't, because then you're going to be looked at as the bad person. [00:16:13] Speaker B: I think the thing for him here, the reason why he can't move on and the reason why sometimes a lot of people can't move on is when you ghost somebody. [00:16:23] Speaker A: But she didn't ghost him. [00:16:24] Speaker C: She's right there. That's closure, though. He's looking for the closure. The ghosting was the closure, though, and people don't understand that. [00:16:31] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:35] Speaker B: I don't agree with ghosting. So I guess that's why I feel him on this. I feel like if this thing is going to be broken up and we're done right, we need to have a conversation. You need to respect. [00:16:52] Speaker A: She ain't obligated to do nothing after five years. [00:16:54] Speaker B: There's no obligation to have a conversation after five years. [00:16:58] Speaker A: People need to learn that they cannot control others. You cannot control how somebody is going to. [00:17:07] Speaker B: Okay, point taken on not controlling somebody else. But this is a person that you love. [00:17:15] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:17:16] Speaker B: This is a person who is your heart. And at some point or another, you were theirs. And I understand that you can't control how someone deals with you, but you would only hope that this person would be the type of person that still, in their heart somewhere cares enough about you to give you the closure that maybe not you're seeking or that you may need. So you could start the mourning process of your relationship. [00:17:44] Speaker A: It's not their job to start your morning process. You have to start that on your own. [00:17:50] Speaker B: I'm not saying it's their job. I'm just saying. [00:17:52] Speaker A: But that's what you're saying without saying it. [00:17:55] Speaker B: They could at least give the courtesy of doing that. [00:17:57] Speaker A: They don't have to. [00:18:01] Speaker B: They could at least be a person. [00:18:02] Speaker C: Of integrity and say morally, that's the right thing to do, to not go somebody. But obviously, we're not talking about a person who has high moral, that has moral standards because she lacks boundaries and a person who lacks boundaries. I advise this man to run very far away from this woman. I don't even. He wants to be attached. [00:18:23] Speaker A: He's mentally abused. [00:18:24] Speaker C: Yeah. And so people are attached to abusers. That's just what that is. Victims are often attached to their abusers. Okay. That's just what that is. What he needs to do, though, is get out of that group. [00:18:37] Speaker A: Yes, get out of the group. [00:18:39] Speaker B: I think he just needs to find a whole new church. [00:18:41] Speaker C: Yeah, he needs to do that, too. [00:18:43] Speaker B: Because he said he sees them on Sundays, but he thought the group would be his safe space. And I get it. You've become. [00:18:48] Speaker C: And honestly, that space isn't safe. No, it's not safe because somebody running back and somebody's running back and telling, you are not in a safe space. And unfortunately, I know you like to think of it because it's a church, that this is a safe space, but that is not the case. These are still dealing with people. People are in church, and as long as people are in church, people are going to do human things. That's just what that is. So you're not in a safe space. My advice to him is to get out of that church and to not even give this girl a thought. Keep himself busy, don't give him a thought. Because if she lacks boundaries with her mother, which means she's going to, like, boundaries with her female friends, because our mother is our first female friend. That's our first friend is your mom. If she doesn't have a boundary with her mother, she's not going to have boundaries anywhere else. Okay. So there's going to be tons of other people outside of her mom that she's getting influence from, that she's going to allow to have say so in her life. And if that's the case, again, she's going with any man, not even just him. She doesn't need to bother with anybody until she can get a backbone and really get some confidence within her, confidence within herself to say, hey, no, this is my relationship. This is what I'm going for. Whether you like it or don't like it or whatever, long as I'm doing, this is what I'm doing. Until she can do that, she needs to avoid people, and he just needs to keep avoiding her. He need to grow a pair at this point. [00:20:09] Speaker B: Yeah, now that I agree with grow a pair. [00:20:15] Speaker A: And I can't really say that because that's taking away a man's emotion. Like, he's emotional. He's hurt. [00:20:23] Speaker C: I'm not saying that he can't be hurt. I'm not saying that. [00:20:26] Speaker A: Get up out that group. Get your butt up. Go ahead. I'm sorry. [00:20:33] Speaker B: No. The reason why he's staying, I believe, is the group. In his mind, he's twisted it to say it's a safe space, but the group is something they did together. It's something they did together. So this is how he's still holding. [00:20:52] Speaker C: On to that little piece. [00:20:53] Speaker B: And my advice to him is stop going. You have to break away. You need to find a new church. [00:20:59] Speaker C: Because I can guarantee you he's going to that group. He was waiting to see her. [00:21:03] Speaker A: Yeah, that's what I was going to say. He was going there to see if it would fix it. Let me see if I'm here. [00:21:09] Speaker C: And then talk. [00:21:10] Speaker A: We communicate. [00:21:12] Speaker C: Why? Were you still going that long? [00:21:14] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:21:15] Speaker C: You know what I'm saying? [00:21:16] Speaker B: Four months. [00:21:17] Speaker A: Four months. [00:21:17] Speaker C: You're still going into it. [00:21:18] Speaker A: You were hoping to see her. [00:21:20] Speaker C: Now that it is, you can't take it. [00:21:22] Speaker A: That's why I feel like a lot of people end up being mentally stuck in relationships that they're no longer in. [00:21:28] Speaker C: Right. And he's not going to heal from it. You only heal wounds if you stop touching it. [00:21:32] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:21:33] Speaker C: And you got to remove yourself. You got to remove it. [00:21:36] Speaker A: And it doesn't matter if you're going to lose a friend behind it. Sometimes you have to attach yourself from everybody attached to that person. [00:21:45] Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, that makes a whole bunch of sense, because in podcasting, you don't always want to agree with everybody, but on this one, it's almost like you're causing yourself this pain. I don't agree with her for ghosting. I do believe that she does owe you some. Maybe not owe. I do believe you deserve the courtesy. [00:22:07] Speaker A: It would be nice of her to do that. [00:22:10] Speaker B: I wouldn't say she's not a nice person. She's just not a nice person. [00:22:13] Speaker C: She's not. [00:22:14] Speaker B: And so I do believe that morally, I remember you can't apply logic to an illogical person. And it seems to be what he's trying to do. [00:22:25] Speaker C: Yes, exactly what he's doing. [00:22:26] Speaker B: He's trying to apply not reality. [00:22:29] Speaker C: He's romanticizing it. [00:22:30] Speaker B: Yes. He's romanticizing this situation. I hear her voice, and I just want to go give. [00:22:34] Speaker C: And I want to give her a hug. Her soft, beautiful. He's romanticizing. She's a bitch. [00:22:41] Speaker B: Well, is it her mom? [00:22:44] Speaker A: No, but it has nothing to do with her mom, because she's manipulating her mom, even to put her mom in the middle of it. [00:22:51] Speaker C: There you go. [00:22:53] Speaker B: So it's her allowing that and for. [00:22:54] Speaker A: Her to be like, well, I can't say those words. My mom is going to do it. [00:22:58] Speaker C: Mom. [00:22:58] Speaker A: I can't say that word. [00:22:59] Speaker C: She's still trying to keep a part of him. She's still trying to make holding on. [00:23:06] Speaker A: Yeah, and I see why her mom still goes, because her mom is who she leans on. Who, like, am I wrong? She's that person. You're not wrong. You're not wrong. [00:23:17] Speaker C: She has a helicopter mom, I can guarantee you that. [00:23:20] Speaker A: But if she was really done with the relationship as well and not trying to toy with him, she wouldn't have gone to those meetings. [00:23:26] Speaker C: She wouldn't have gone either. [00:23:27] Speaker A: She would have removed herself completely because. [00:23:29] Speaker C: The women are done. You want nothing to do with you. [00:23:33] Speaker A: Once we have tried, that's it. [00:23:35] Speaker C: It's a wrap. Honestly. And then at the same time, he didn't go into what really broke them up. What was the situation that made her feel like she had to involve her mother or her mother feel like she had to get involved? [00:23:48] Speaker B: He says that she's always been involved. [00:23:54] Speaker A: That's a red flag. [00:23:55] Speaker B: She says she never set boundaries with her mother. [00:23:57] Speaker C: Yeah, that's a red flag from the jump. [00:23:59] Speaker B: Her mom would be in the way, so bad in the relationship that she would even show her mom the messages between her and her husband. [00:24:09] Speaker C: This is a lot. This is a codependent. Codependency. Her mother is codependent of her, too. [00:24:16] Speaker A: She loses her mom. [00:24:17] Speaker B: Her mother may even be divorced. Her mother might not even be married. Or her mom might be maybe widowed or divorced. Or her mom may have been a single mom. [00:24:27] Speaker C: I about to say a mom with some business ain't got no, ain't worrying about all that. Not your grown, grown child if she got something else. [00:24:35] Speaker A: So that lets me know that she's. [00:24:37] Speaker C: Childish, she's used, immature. Her mom running her life. [00:24:40] Speaker A: Running her life, handling everything. And it's okay that your mom is your best friend, but you still have to have boundaries. [00:24:47] Speaker C: Boundaries. [00:24:48] Speaker A: You still have to. Okay, mom, I can't talk to you about everything, but if you run to your mom about everything and you're getting advice from your mom, and I'm sort of against getting advice from older people. Me too, sometimes. Because different. Yeah, the times are different. Like what I'm experiencing maybe similar, but things are different. [00:25:09] Speaker B: Things are going to go ahead. Let's wrap this up. Let's get some of these comments out. Gene said, you need a girlfriend. Gene also said, take a trip to a country where sex is a resource commodity. You're currently sitting beside a casket looking and hoping she the relationship will rise from the dead and be reunited. Newsflash, love doesn't behave that way. Love doesn't play games with people's heart or push them to the edge. Love reciprocates. That's very insightful, Gene. Next one. Hannah, help, please. Is right. Seriously, you need help. The girl doesn't want you smh shaking my head. Tremaine walk on by in my Doja cat voice painted red. Adelina all the way from Houston. Is there a different church he can't attend and also start dating again? Listen, my cousin Tremaine is retarded. Yari is our longest listener, our biggest fan. Yari has been listening to us. [00:26:17] Speaker A: She reaches out to me if I'm. [00:26:18] Speaker B: Not on the yo, listen, Yari has been listening to us four years now. [00:26:24] Speaker A: Yeah, she's consistent. [00:26:25] Speaker B: Random, lives in California. [00:26:26] Speaker A: Oh man. [00:26:27] Speaker B: She stumbled upon the show and never misses a chance to comment. [00:26:33] Speaker A: She's one of our biggest supporters. [00:26:36] Speaker B: We need to send Yari something for sure and we need to highlight her in our group. So Yari shouts out to you, she says, sounds like the relationship is over. Need to find new support, church group, definitely need professional therapy and got to learn how to love yourself again. Latrice says sounds like her mother controls her and you can't make anyone love you the way you want them to. Stay away from places she will potentially be, heal and move on to something more deserving and fulfilling. Go ahead, what you about to say? [00:27:05] Speaker A: Yeah, I was going to say also because I don't think sometimes we kind of ignore this. They may be in a small town. [00:27:12] Speaker B: That's true too. [00:27:13] Speaker A: And sometimes in a small town everybody like we live here, everybody knows everybody. So sometimes it's kind of hard to remove yourself in certain spaces like churches or things of that nature. It's not impossible. No, it's not impossible. I would definitely say try staying home and joining virtual groups so that way there's not an option of actually seeing somebody. You just have that emotional support that you feel like you need. [00:27:41] Speaker B: Okay. [00:27:42] Speaker C: Go get you some. [00:27:42] Speaker B: Okay, Eddie, that's your final advice? I was going to say final advice. Go get you some. [00:27:46] Speaker C: Go get you some. [00:27:47] Speaker A: Go buy a drink. [00:27:48] Speaker C: Go buy a drink. [00:27:50] Speaker B: That's what Gene said. Go to a country where sex is a resource. [00:27:54] Speaker A: Yeah, Dominican Republic. Go have a good time. [00:27:57] Speaker C: Rub a few out. [00:27:58] Speaker A: Hey, no, we don't need to rub a few out. Oh lord, where's this gonna think about her if I got videos? [00:28:03] Speaker B: All right, y'all, delete them. Until the next time, y'all, we're out. [00:28:07] Speaker D: Thank you for listening to another episode of relationship status. Remember, you can catch us on relationshipstatuspodcast.com, iTunes, Google podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon music, nobody grinds like us. And anywhere you listen to your favorite podcast. 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