September 20, 2023


138th Lunch Date: My Phone Is Always on DND

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
138th Lunch Date: My Phone Is Always on DND
Relationship Status Podcast
138th Lunch Date: My Phone Is Always on DND

Sep 20 2023 | 00:34:46


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Hosts: Nique Crews, C.L. Butler, & Yusuf 

In this episode of The Relationship Status Podcast, Nique and C.L. are taking a break, but Yusuf has some guests to keep the conversation flowing. Joining him are D’esia, Jashaun, and LaLa, the talented hosts of the Vibes on The Rise Podcast, as they help to continue the conversation of self-care and maintaining a healthy balance between personal and relationship needs.

First, the group explore self-care strategies that everyone can incorporate into their daily routine. The team then shares practical tips and personal anecdotes to help you prioritize your well-being.

Next up, they discuss the benefits of setting boundaries in relationships and how this can contribute to overall happiness, Learn how to communicate your needs effectively, and create a harmonious balance between your personal life and your relationship. The crew then gives some advice on how to keep up with your self-care practices while nurturing a partnership.

They close the show out by reflecting on the key takeaways from the conversation. They share their personal insights and takeaways, leaving you inspired to put self-care at the forefront of your relationship journey.

Join us for a candid discussion that will empower you to find your vibes, prioritize self-care, and nurture healthy relationships. Remember to keep those questions coming for future episodes, and most importantly, take time for yourself—you deserve it!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: You have a podcast that you're passionate about? Are you looking for a professional studio to help bring your vision to life? Then look no further than Crux Media Group studios. Located at Nine Three West Evans Street in Florence, South Carolina, crux Media Group Studios is a full service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, consultation, live streaming, video recording, and more. We have state of the art equipment and team of experienced professionals who can help you create a podcast that is professional, polished, and engaging. Whether you're a first time podcaster or a seasoned pro, crux Media Group Studios can help you take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today at 843-407-1673 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. [00:01:12] Speaker B: Welcome back to relationship status. It's your boy Yusuf in the building. And remember, you can catch on all podcast platforms. Remember to, like, share, follow, and five star rate. If you want to join the conversation, email us, [email protected], or join the private group. It goes down in there. Relationship status advice group. You got to be invited, so go ahead and put that out there. And remember, if you make it to the end of the episode, guess what? You get a free T shirt. So make sure you email us at the end of the episode. Tell us your keys, your favorite points, what what you want to hear us talk about, your advice letters, and we'll make sure that you get your free tea. And I'm here. Once again, if you're hearing just me, guess what? It's just me again. Although I did bring in reinforcements. We got a voice you heard before, Deja. Wait, hold on. I got to turn your mic on. See the rookies. Rookies, I tell you. All right. What's going on, Deja? [00:02:05] Speaker C: Nothing. [00:02:06] Speaker B: You good? [00:02:07] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm good. [00:02:08] Speaker B: You excited? You came in you came in hot. I couldn't even get the applause ready. You was mic muted, and it seems as though you brought some reinforcements with you today. [00:02:17] Speaker D: Yes, my co host. [00:02:18] Speaker B: Okay. And that is Lala. Yeah, right. [00:02:21] Speaker D: My name is Lala. It's your girl, Lala. I'm Deja'sister. And also her co host of Vibes on the Rise. [00:02:26] Speaker B: Vibes on the rise. And jay. Sean Jay Sean. I told y'all I was going to forget it. I'm so sorry. And another co host on the show. Yes. [00:02:37] Speaker E: Jay Sean. [00:02:37] Speaker B: Jay Sean. So, Jay Sean, how did you get to be around these married band of women? [00:02:46] Speaker E: I met them through my old roommate, actually. [00:02:48] Speaker B: Okay. [00:02:49] Speaker E: So I met them probably, like, around four years ago, and it's just been a vibe ever since. [00:02:55] Speaker B: And it's been a Vibes on the Rise period. All right. And Lala, we know your relation, so we understand. So how do y'all like podcasting so far? [00:03:05] Speaker D: I love it. [00:03:06] Speaker E: Yeah, I think it's fun. [00:03:07] Speaker B: It's fun. [00:03:08] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:03:09] Speaker B: It's not meant to be. It's supposed to be working. [00:03:10] Speaker C: No, I'm kidding. [00:03:12] Speaker B: So how does everything on the show? Kind of. How's it working for you guys so far? [00:03:17] Speaker D: I feel like it's pretty good. We're getting our name out there. We have a lot of different people that want to speak on the podcast, but I'm going to let the main host talk because. [00:03:30] Speaker B: Since the last time you've been on, we still don't have an episode. [00:03:34] Speaker C: We're working on that. [00:03:35] Speaker B: We're working on it. So, I mean, what's the plan? When you guys coming back? When can people tap back into you again? [00:03:42] Speaker C: We'll hopefully be back by, like, at least next week. I'm waiting on you, too. [00:03:46] Speaker D: Now. I got to schedule with you. [00:03:47] Speaker B: Listen, if you're waiting on me, you're walking backwards, so you ain't waiting on me. Who call who about three times a week and go, hey, you ready? Hey, you're ready? [00:03:57] Speaker D: You do check she's a procrastinator. [00:03:59] Speaker B: Y'all yeah, but I do check in, and it's just because I've listened to your show, and I think you have something there, and I think that you guys need to go forth. Of course, with the help of Crux Media, we can make sure that you guys get where you're going. So the question that we have to ask everybody la La, we'll start with you. What's your relationship status? [00:04:26] Speaker D: I have a man. [00:04:27] Speaker B: Oh, okay. [00:04:28] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:04:29] Speaker B: How long? [00:04:33] Speaker D: For a minute now. [00:04:34] Speaker B: For a minute now? [00:04:35] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:04:35] Speaker B: You can't remember? [00:04:36] Speaker D: Yeah. I'm just in love. I just don't remember. [00:04:40] Speaker B: So you don't remember. Okay. [00:04:42] Speaker D: It's been a minute. [00:04:42] Speaker B: It's been a minute. How about you, JayShawn? [00:04:44] Speaker E: No. [00:04:45] Speaker B: Status? [00:04:46] Speaker E: I'm single. [00:04:46] Speaker B: Single is a dollar bill. That's a no. Is it by choice or just because Deja told us that she's in a time of flux where she's just taking time for herself. [00:04:59] Speaker E: It's definitely by choice. [00:05:00] Speaker B: By choice. [00:05:01] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:05:02] Speaker B: Okay. That's always a good thing. So I got a question for you. By choice or relationship or by choice? I'll start with you. How do you self care? Because we talked about self care on Monday. We talked about how important self care is to relationships, because if you don't take care of yourself, how can you be a part of anything that involves another person and then being single? You do have to actually do that a little bit more, I think, because who's going to love you if you don't love yourself? [00:05:33] Speaker D: You're right. [00:05:33] Speaker B: Yeah. So how do you self care? [00:05:35] Speaker C: Take care of myself. Got to have my hair done. All that got to look good. [00:05:39] Speaker B: Got to look good. [00:05:40] Speaker C: You can't be in a relationship looking. [00:05:44] Speaker D: You got to love yourself. [00:05:45] Speaker B: Well, I mean, there's a lot of people out there getting men and they don't yeah, they look like they don't self care. But self care doesn't always mean doing your hair and stuff like that. [00:05:55] Speaker C: Yeah. I like, go out, have me a drink, get some to eat by myself. Just enjoy my time to myself. That's my self care. [00:06:03] Speaker B: Okay. What about you, Jason? [00:06:04] Speaker E: I want to say the same thing. I like to do my hair or have, like, a wash day, take care of myself, pamper myself. Or, like, I set a time to watch a TV show I've been wanting to watch or anything like that. [00:06:16] Speaker B: Do you watch Top Boy? [00:06:17] Speaker E: No. [00:06:17] Speaker B: Or Netflix? [00:06:18] Speaker E: No, I've never heard of what? [00:06:20] Speaker B: You've never heard of Top Boy? [00:06:21] Speaker D: I've heard of it, but I never watched it. [00:06:23] Speaker B: Top boy is really good. It's about some gangsters in London. Is it like Power or it's similar to that. It's similar to power. And then they talk in their lingo, they slang. They be like, what's up, bro? You're going to sell the food? Going to make the peas? Stuff like that. But power is good, too. You watch force. [00:06:49] Speaker D: I've seen force. That's the one with Tommy on. [00:06:51] Speaker B: You watching that now? [00:06:52] Speaker C: I love Tommy. [00:06:53] Speaker D: I love Tommy. I like Tommy more than I like ghosts. What? [00:06:57] Speaker B: Tommy is crazy. [00:06:59] Speaker D: Tommy was my man. [00:07:01] Speaker B: Crazy. You're crazy. All right. So what about you? How do you self care? [00:07:05] Speaker D: Lila? Self care to me is I like to put my phone on Do Not Disturb and kind of, like, cut off the whole world for a you like Jay Sean said, watch a movie I've been wanting to watch. Like, they just said, having a drink. I'll probably get me, like, a glass of wine, watch a show on Netflix, listen to music, take me a long shower, wash my hair. And I just don't want to talk to nobody. Like, when I get in my moods where I feel like I need a self care moment, it's probably because I've been stressed or something made me upset, and I just need time to wind down and just get back in tune with myself. [00:07:39] Speaker C: Okay? That's how I am with self care. And I find a show just to binge. You watch all day. My phone still do not deserve that's. Not new, but I will sit and binge. You watch a show all day, cup of wine, fix me some dinner, just. [00:07:53] Speaker D: Relax, take myself out to eat. Give me something expensive like a steak, some crab legs, margaritas, and then appetize. [00:08:01] Speaker C: We try to do self care, but then we all end up being together. [00:08:03] Speaker D: Our self care is being with my girls, too. If I'm stressed, that man that made me mad worked and stressed me out. And my friends like, we got a bottle. You want to go out? That's self care to me, too. It's different version of self care. [00:08:14] Speaker B: Okay? So when I talked Monday, I said self care should be a daily occurrence. There's something that you should do every day for yourself at some point throughout the day, whether it's five minutes. For me, my self care is every morning after I drop my kids off to school, I go to the gym and work out. That's my self care. And then today after, I look like this because I went this morning. Excuse me. And then I went after work, I got stressed out and I said, let me do it to the gym. I need to self care myself. So is there anything that you do daily and anybody could jump in on this one? Anything that you do daily that it might not necessarily be seen as self care but something that gets you to a point where it's like, okay, like some people meditate when they wake up in the morning. Some people read a Bible verse. That's a way to start their day. Some people listen to motivational videos. [00:09:08] Speaker C: So lately I have been doing that. Listen to motivational videos. When I wake up, I'll make my bed up, open my blinds and I'm still going to listen to Steve Harvey motivational videos. And that's what I've been doing lately. [00:09:18] Speaker B: Steve Harvey suits too big for me. [00:09:20] Speaker C: To listen to. [00:09:26] Speaker B: His motivational speech be mixed up in some other ones I've been listening to. But he got some huge suits like you shouldn't wear no suit that big. What about you, Lala? [00:09:35] Speaker D: I like to start my day. Let's say I have to go to work. If I'm rushing before I have to go to work, I'm stressed out the rest of the day at work. So before work for like an hour, y'all didn't hear me. Listen to my music on full blast. Just sing in the shower, take a hot shower, just spend like an hour in the bathroom just listening to whatever music I want to listen to. Shower steaming high. I'm dancing in the shower. That's myself. Looking myself in a mirror, like hyping myself up. I like to start my days like that. If I start my day like that, I feel like I have a good day for the rest of the day. [00:10:07] Speaker B: Okay, now here's a part of self care that people don't know is self care. Oh, what do you do daily? I'm sorry Jay. Sean. [00:10:18] Speaker E: I feel like daily I like to try to get up a little bit earlier than my alarm so I have time to wake up and think about how my day is going to go. And even if I wait to the last minute to get up, I always make sure I make my bed before I go anywhere. And I feel like making my bed is like I don't know, it's calming to me knowing that I know that's going to be waiting for me later. [00:10:37] Speaker B: When you come home. [00:10:40] Speaker E: I'm not going to walk into my room when I get home and be. [00:10:42] Speaker D: Like, oh, my bed's, I need to start doing that. [00:10:43] Speaker E: It really does help. [00:10:45] Speaker C: Every Friday my self care is washing my sheets, blankets, some clothes I got, that's my self care. I work from home. So I put my computer, my laptop in the kitchen, washing dishes, washing clothes, clean, like on Friday. That's every Friday. [00:10:59] Speaker B: Now every Friday, washing, washing, see cleaning up. Now. They said that successful people I was watching something. They said successful people, all of them start their day the same way by making their bed. They said if you start the day I heard it on one of the motivational videos. They said if you start your day, that just sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you can take the time and be meticulous enough to make your bed, then your day goes a whole lot better. It's a great start to your day. So didn't know if you knew that. [00:11:30] Speaker C: That may be right. I do have a bad day with my bed. Not me. [00:11:33] Speaker D: I've heard it before. [00:11:34] Speaker B: But think about this. Like you ever had a bad day, you go home and you go home in your bed. You be in your room messy. [00:11:41] Speaker D: Start everything, start crying. Now I got to make this bed your room, messy. You walk in and step on something. [00:11:52] Speaker B: Now you're even more upset. Another thing people don't know is really self care is setting boundaries. And like, look, you will not disturb me today, or this is something that I will not do with you or with anybody. I have a boundary that you're just not going to talk to me anyway. It's a boundary I've set for myself. Once that happens, I shut down. I excuse myself. So what does any of you have any boundaries that you set that's like set in stone? That's my boundary. If you break that, you have now invaded on my self care. [00:12:39] Speaker E: I feel like going off of what you said. I feel like my boundary is I'm not going to let someone disrespect me because I'm always respectable to anybody. So I feel like the moment you disrespect me, I know it's for no reason. So I'm going to return the energy. [00:12:52] Speaker D: Yeah, with me. I'm not going to let nobody invalidate my feelings. Like, if I feel some type of way about something, you're not about to sit there and tell me like I'm wrong. Because obviously I feel the type of way I do for a reason. So that's my boundary I set. Like, you're not about to put my feelings down or make what I feel feel like it's wrong. [00:13:11] Speaker B: It shouldn't. It be facts over feelings, though. [00:13:13] Speaker D: I get that it's facts over feelings. But at the same time, if a friend of mine is going through something or a family member and they're telling me, I'm not going to put facts over feelings over there, I'm going to think about your feelings, too. [00:13:26] Speaker C: Okay. Basically, same way, same thing. [00:13:30] Speaker D: They said we can bring up the facts later, but I'll block. I'll block. [00:13:34] Speaker C: You quit, though. [00:13:35] Speaker B: See, now that I'm having a good. [00:13:37] Speaker C: Day, if I'm having a good day. [00:13:38] Speaker B: That takes too much energy. [00:13:39] Speaker C: I'm like block. [00:13:40] Speaker D: I don't block. I put them on do not disturb because I'm a respond later. Because if I respond now, while I'm mad. It's going to be ugly. So I'm going to respond later. The message still going to get to me, but I'm going to give myself time to calm down, and then we're. [00:13:51] Speaker C: Going to talk about I just sent a text. Are you not going to ruin my day? I'm going to cuss you out and block. [00:13:56] Speaker D: I hate being blocked in the middle of me arguing with somebody. Now I feel like now I got to come to your house. [00:14:06] Speaker B: That's that toxic stuff. You can't want that toxic. That's that toxic. Love. Don't just pop up at the house. Now I got to call the police. I got to call the police. You are trespassing, ma'am. Why are you here? I didn't invite you. You didn't call man? No. The police will be called, and you will be escorted off the premises. Because if you feel like you got to pop up, you on a mission, and I don't want no parts of. [00:14:33] Speaker C: That mission and what that mission is to ruin. [00:14:41] Speaker D: Come on. No more. [00:14:43] Speaker B: So, Lala, you're the only one in here in a relationship. Well, you're in a relationship. I don't want to put how important is it to you to balance your personal and your personal needs with your relationship needs? [00:15:02] Speaker D: I feel like you should make it well, I guess you could say you should make it 50 50. I've been in relationships where it's like, constantly me wanting to be up under this man or not taking care of myself. Everything I do, he has to be involved in it. I feel like it has to be 50 50 because if that person is not around anymore or let's say you all break up out of nowhere, you're not going to know what to do without that person. You're not going to know how to live or survive without that person. So you should make time in your relationship to also do stuff for yourself. Make time to hang out with your friends. Because a lot of people get in relationships, and if their boyfriend doesn't like their friends or don't want them going out, they completely cut off all their friends. Make time to spend time with your friends. Make time to do stuff with yourself. Don't put your all into that relationship. And not even just women towards men. Men towards women, too. Like, everybody should prioritize their self first. You come first. [00:15:57] Speaker B: Well, some people would say that's selfish. [00:15:59] Speaker D: It's selfish. But I feel like it's a thin line between being selfish and not being selfish enough, if that makes sense. Like, you giving somebody your all, but you're not giving your all to yourself. [00:16:14] Speaker B: That makes I mean, it does make sense, and I don't think that it's being selfish because I believe you should put yourself first in anything. [00:16:21] Speaker C: Your life comes first before any. [00:16:23] Speaker B: Your happiness should come first. Above all, above whatever it is that you feel somebody else wants, needs, and everything else, your happiness needs to be above all, because at the end of the day, who. You have left when nobody's gone, everybody leaves when all the noise is over. [00:16:38] Speaker D: You got yourself. You can wish that. [00:16:39] Speaker C: And then sometimes she said when you should put your relationship 50 50 with your friends, too. And then what? If you give your all to that man or woman, then it's just like, over. And then you wish that you didn't do your friends like that. [00:16:55] Speaker B: But some people don't, you think, to a certain degree. Wouldn't your friends understand? [00:17:00] Speaker C: Yeah, I understand stuff like that. But you got some friends that just let a man, like a man woman, just do them how they do them, and then you telling them and you see it, and then they you get. [00:17:16] Speaker B: What no, no, I get what you're saying. You're saying if somebody go ahead, Jason, you better say something. Oh, no, I wasn't okay, now I see what you're saying. You're saying you see how this thing is affecting your friend because you've known your friend for longer than they've been in this relationship, and you're trying to tell them. But you can only talk to people that want to be heard. When somebody's in something, a lot of the time they don't really want to hear what you have to say because they're so wrapped up in their situation. And sometimes it's difficult for people to get out because although they can't see it, but there's some happiness there for them, and for some, they feel like they can't get any better. They can't do any better. Jay sean, why do you think people get like that? Why do you think they get into those modes where I'm in this relationship and basically they take on the relationship, becomes life, becomes their entire life? [00:18:17] Speaker E: I really don't know. I don't know why people do that, but it's something that always has irritated me. But I get like, if you're in a relationship, you want to be with your significant other because they mean a lot to you. But I feel like when you push your friends away and people around you that's been there for you, I feel like with a sense you lose yourself. Because I feel like you can get lost in a relationship and being in that relationship for so much and that being the only thing you care about, you lose yourself. And it's like La was saying, when that's over, you don't know what to do. And sometimes when you push all those people away, those same people aren't going to be there for you when that relationship is gone. [00:18:58] Speaker B: Because they've moved on. [00:19:00] Speaker E: Yeah, because they didn't want to sit around and wait for you. Don't get me wrong. I understand, like, oh, I have plans on my boyfriend tonight. I'm going to chill with him. Okay, well, what are you doing tomorrow night? Or something like that. But if it's like you're always ditching your friends for this one man. And then let's say this man ditches you, and you're just sitting there looking dumb. You get what I'm saying? [00:19:21] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:19:22] Speaker C: Now you're calling me crying. What am I doing? [00:19:24] Speaker E: And now I don't care if my. [00:19:27] Speaker D: Friend is in a relationship, and the energy that you're giving this man, he's giving the same thing to you, then more power. Do that. I've had friends that were in relationships, and their boyfriend girlfriend, whatever the case may be, was doing them wrong. Like, completely wrong. But when it came to their boyfriend girlfriend trying to make plans with them and do something with them, they're quick to jump for them, quick to jump. When friends want to invite them places, they don't want to jump for those friends that jump for them, but they want to jump for that man. So be in love. Be with your man. I don't blame you for being in love, but at the same time, don't. [00:20:06] Speaker E: Expect me to be here when that love doesn't feel the same, if that makes sense. [00:20:11] Speaker B: Yeah, no, it does make sense. I think that people discount that. Like, people don't even think about how because when they get to that point, don't you end up arguing with your friends sometimes, and then they may say some hurtful stuff, like, that's why you don't got no man. [00:20:29] Speaker C: Yeah, they tell me. [00:20:36] Speaker B: That'S why you ain't got no girl. You know what I'm saying? It's a lot of things being thrown because do you think it's because that they already know the truth? [00:20:46] Speaker D: Yeah, some people be knowing the truth. They just don't want to hear it. They want you to be blinded by it, just like they blinded by it. But I'm not in a relationship with this person. You are. So they're not about to blind me. Like you said, your friends should understand. We don't know how this person treats you behind doors. They could be the best person behind doors. Love on you, hype you up, call you beautiful, give you whatever you want. But from what you're telling me and I'm seeing no. [00:21:13] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:21:14] Speaker D: No. [00:21:17] Speaker B: I think that's where people kind of lose out a little bit. I think there's a way to give equal energy to your personal life and your relationship to the point where it doesn't consume you. Because me, personally, I don't want to be your entire world. Please have something else to do, because I need my space to do whatever I'm going to do. So please do something with your friends. Don't you have friends? Can you go do something? [00:21:49] Speaker C: Okay. [00:21:49] Speaker B: You know what I mean? [00:21:50] Speaker C: Go ahead with your mama or something. [00:21:52] Speaker B: Yeah, hang out. Do something. So I was trying to get to what some people said on the social media and my computer. For some OD reason, Internet is acting up. Sue, let's go to this. And this will be edited out. So I asked everybody on social media. How do you self care? All right, so go and give some of the listeners. Chelsea said she goes to the nail shop, massages, rest and eating out. Chelsea do be posting some bombass food. Laura Melton starts by making time for herself. My boy, Eric Bennett. He says, Hoop. Casey I'm a capricorn. Shouts out to all the capricorns, I take care of myself. Show called Chrissy solo travel to a nice wellness spa or retreat. That sounds good. Mark says he gets a pedicure or eating out by himself at a restaurant. [00:22:55] Speaker E: I know that's period. [00:22:58] Speaker B: Amy, I'm just going to show you what she put. [00:23:04] Speaker D: Okay? [00:23:07] Speaker B: That's what she put as her. That's how she self cares. [00:23:10] Speaker D: I mean, that's self care, too. [00:23:13] Speaker B: Amy twenty two cents of the DJ Blaze Radio Show podcast shouts out to them. Karen, my old high school teammate. High school classmate. Journaling, yoga and meditation. My home. Frat Brother anwar Adams. Quiet time to think and reflect. Shayna says she unplugs like y'all do. Wait, hold on. Y'all said something I gotta address. Do not disturb. Don't text me and be on do not disturb. It's the most irritating thing in the world. You text me, but you on. Do not disturb. I've said this before. I will not text you. [00:23:54] Speaker D: I keep my phone on. Do not disturb. Me, too. [00:23:57] Speaker C: You one of the people that pressed a little button for the oh, no. [00:23:59] Speaker B: Yeah, no. I'm going to push the little button because you text me. [00:24:02] Speaker C: I know you lying. [00:24:04] Speaker B: You text me and I'm going to make sure, since I saw your text message, you will see mine. [00:24:09] Speaker E: I'm the type of person I only turn my phone on do not serve unless I'm upset or if somebody's pissed me off, I just turn it on do not serve. And that's how I let people know that I'm mad. [00:24:17] Speaker B: Nothing gives me more joy than watching my phone ring. [00:24:22] Speaker D: That irritates. [00:24:24] Speaker B: No. Why? Just put it on. Silence. [00:24:26] Speaker E: I like declining calls. [00:24:27] Speaker C: You got some people that call you, like, four or five times at one time, and he's one of them. My phone still do not he'll call me, like, five, six times because you're. [00:24:34] Speaker E: Going to answer when I call you. [00:24:36] Speaker D: I've had so many people text BS to my phone and extra stuff now to the point where I keep it on Do Not Disturb. [00:24:43] Speaker B: They shouldn't have your phone number then. [00:24:44] Speaker D: You're right. But it'd be the people that I'd be messing with. Like my people text them. And I'm not just going to block them because I love them. But I'm going to put you on. Do not disturb. [00:24:56] Speaker B: Okay. [00:24:57] Speaker D: Now, if I block you, that's how you know you got me messed up. For real? [00:25:02] Speaker B: Yeah. I've never blocked anybody. Ever. I've never had. [00:25:07] Speaker C: Not even your exes. [00:25:08] Speaker B: For what? See me be great. [00:25:11] Speaker D: Exactly. All my exes have always deleted me. Like, I'll block my ex for messaging me or calling me, but as far as social media, you're going to see this. You're going to see me looking good. [00:25:23] Speaker B: Well, I mean, I think, too, it just takes so much work. Like, I got to find the block button, then I got to block. [00:25:30] Speaker C: All you got to do is go. [00:25:31] Speaker B: To their name and then no, that's. [00:25:34] Speaker D: A lot, like in the middle of blocking somebody. You probably feel like I would probably look real pressed right now, blocking this person. [00:25:40] Speaker B: I don't even want to give you the joy of knowing that you got me upset, that you got me this upset that I can't even see, I don't even want you to contact me. [00:25:51] Speaker C: But see, with a man, though, I block him for, like, ten minutes. I didn't block him. I'm doing block ten minutes. [00:26:00] Speaker B: Well, I just think that the older you get, the more you say, you know what? So what? But then some people still do that because I know some people that 50 and block people, and I don't get it. Blocking and ghosting, that's a whole nother. [00:26:18] Speaker D: At the end of the day, this is my phone. I pay this bill. [00:26:21] Speaker E: I don't really block people. I just ignore them. [00:26:23] Speaker D: Yeah, that's do not disturb. It's easier to ignore somebody when they don't do not disturb. [00:26:26] Speaker E: And I love to open a message and leave it on red. [00:26:28] Speaker D: And you don't have to put your whole phone on do not disturb. [00:26:31] Speaker B: Leave it on red. [00:26:32] Speaker E: Yeah, I have my red receipts on. [00:26:33] Speaker D: You can just put that one contact on do not disturb. [00:26:36] Speaker E: I've only blocked, like, two people. [00:26:40] Speaker B: Ever. Yeah, okay. [00:26:42] Speaker E: I don't like blocking people. It's more like I always want people to be able to get in contact with me in case something happens. Because I care about people if even if I don't talk to them. [00:26:49] Speaker B: See, so you all two don't care about people. [00:26:52] Speaker D: I block my sister most. [00:26:54] Speaker B: They both blocked me before. [00:26:57] Speaker C: It's stupid because we get little arguments. [00:26:59] Speaker D: And block each other. But it's crazy. [00:27:00] Speaker B: I mean, your roommate is right. [00:27:01] Speaker D: We live together. [00:27:03] Speaker B: How are you going to block me? You in the other room. [00:27:08] Speaker D: And I block her. She'd be in the kitchen doing her little thing. I'll be in a fridge, and I won't say nothing to her. I'll just walk past her like, I. [00:27:14] Speaker C: Don'T see I should cook. And she'd be like, I'm cooking. [00:27:16] Speaker D: Okay, crazy. I'm cooking. I still offer her a plate even though she doesn't listen. [00:27:20] Speaker B: I'm going to tell you, you couldn't be my roommate because if you block me, I'm literally I don't know how your kitchen is set up, but I was standing in the other room with a bag of grapes and just hit you in the head with grapes all day. [00:27:33] Speaker D: Not the grapes part, but I think Deja, don't block me one time, and I knocked on her door, like, Why? My message is not going. [00:27:39] Speaker C: I've. [00:27:39] Speaker B: Done that to my older man. [00:27:42] Speaker D: Did you block me? We in the same house. That's when we used to be right across the room. [00:27:46] Speaker B: Across the yeah. That's crazy. I don't know how you could do that. You blocking your roommate. [00:27:53] Speaker D: Okay, being petty. [00:27:55] Speaker B: Just petty. What else we got here? Brie says she doesn't she doesn't self care. Serena says she gets facials pedicures, sugar scrubs, manicures, and she walks Athena Wilson massages self date. I think that's weird. But pedicures. [00:28:15] Speaker D: I take myself and paint all the time. [00:28:18] Speaker B: I think that's weird. [00:28:20] Speaker E: Join a meal by yourself. [00:28:22] Speaker B: I think that's weird. All of you saying it in chorus doesn't change it for me. [00:28:26] Speaker D: But how is that weird to you, though? How is that weird? [00:28:29] Speaker B: Okay, it's not weird. Are you sitting at the bar or you got seated at you went and said, table for one? [00:28:36] Speaker C: I don't went to Long and sat down. [00:28:39] Speaker E: I never sat there and ate the bar. [00:28:41] Speaker D: A lot of times I'll probably take myself out to eat, and I might sit at a table, but now I'm going to a place with a bar, and I'm sitting at a bar and. [00:28:48] Speaker E: Having a dream, having a nice meal. [00:28:49] Speaker B: That's different. I don't know if that's I'm talking about the people that go sit at a booth at a table by themselves and stare off in the space or on their phone. [00:29:01] Speaker D: I'm going to have, like, something playing on my phone. [00:29:03] Speaker B: Like, you could have done that at home. [00:29:04] Speaker C: I haven't done that, but everybody's walking up to me. [00:29:06] Speaker D: You're okay? I'm like, I can't eat by myself. [00:29:09] Speaker B: No, it's weird. [00:29:11] Speaker D: I mean, I can't do that at home. Because if you live by yourself and you have the place to yourself, then do that at home. Cook yourself a meal, get yourself some wine. But I've always lived with even before my sister, I've lived with my parents and stuff. [00:29:25] Speaker B: You have a room, right? [00:29:26] Speaker D: I have a room, but I want to enjoy sometimes you don't want the. [00:29:30] Speaker E: Meal in your bedroom. I like to change your environment. [00:29:33] Speaker D: And if I sit at the table in a kitchen, I got the risk somebody walking in and messing up my piece. [00:29:40] Speaker B: You get the little folding table. When I want to get away from my kids, I get my little folding table. I got a couch in my room, and I go and I sit on my couch with my table. I built a bar in my room. Oh, wow. [00:29:53] Speaker D: But you got all the amenities in your room. All I got is a TV, a bed. [00:29:56] Speaker B: I mean, I got a TV. [00:29:58] Speaker D: You got a bar in your room. [00:29:59] Speaker B: Yeah, I built, but nothing you get some shelves. Get some Shelving from Lowe's. Get some Shelving from Lowe's. Hang it on the wall. And then you put the bottles on the Shelving. And I put a refrigerator underneath the because I knew I couldn't have it out there. I fall asleep, they go in there and think, that's juice. Yeah. So, like my wine and all of that goes in my refrigerator. And then all my liquor goes on the shelves. And then I got my shot glasses on the top shelf. [00:30:35] Speaker D: I can see myself doing that as a parent. [00:30:37] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:30:38] Speaker D: Having a really big room, having a bar in there, all that, just sitting. [00:30:42] Speaker B: The couch, watch my TV. I don't never have to leave my room unless I hear, ow, the kids. [00:30:48] Speaker D: Knocking on my door, asking for something like, you all got it. But once I hear you all screaming and crying, now I got to get up. [00:30:56] Speaker B: But that's kind of sometimes as a parent, that's a little bit of my self care. And I don't drink all the if I'm home, my kids, I ain't just going to be sitting there getting lush, being lushed out. But if I need after they go to sleep, I sit down and I have a drink. I watch some TV or I'm editing somebody's podcast or editing mine like I'm about to be doing tonight so that it can get up in the morning. To me, that's my way of winding down and my part of being my little bit of self care in that moment to me. Listeners, everybody listening, please make sure you practice some self care. When I talked on Monday, this was brought about by the death of somebody I knew. And just the thought of, hey, she was here, and then all of a sudden she wasn't. It just kind of made me think that, what are you doing for you to make sure that you're okay every single day, to make sure that you're getting the best out of yourself and out of the people around you. And also, if you're in a relationship, we're all in some form of relationship, whether you're in relationship with somebody else, romantically friendships or relationships. And then, of course, the most important relationship we have is the relationship with ourselves. So thank you for being here with me today. We're going to bring you back for another episode, all three of so, Jay, Sean, tell the people how they can find you on social media. [00:32:25] Speaker E: You can find us on all platforms at Vibes on the Rise. You can follow us on Instagram at Vibes on The Rise one, and on Facebook as well as Vibes on the Rise. [00:32:34] Speaker B: Okay, what about your personal social media? [00:32:36] Speaker E: You can add me on Facebook at jshon. Rowell. [00:32:39] Speaker B: Okay. What about you, Lala? [00:32:41] Speaker D: It's your girl, Lala. You can follow me on Instagram at beautiful shade underscore snapchat, beautiful vibe. Six. And my real name on Facebook, miriam McPhail. [00:32:50] Speaker B: Okay, Miriam. And what about you? [00:32:53] Speaker C: You can find me on Facebook at Deja Mcfell. That's D-E-Y-S-I-A instagram at deja underscore snapchat. [00:33:01] Speaker D: Dmfl three. [00:33:02] Speaker C: And of course, Vibes on The Rise on every platform, every single platform. [00:33:05] Speaker B: Of course, Vibes on the rise. And they are on the rise, so make sure they check them out. When do your episodes come out? [00:33:12] Speaker D: Fridays. [00:33:14] Speaker B: On Fridays. All right, but not this Friday maybe. I was on your social media and I saw that you all posted recording episode tomorrow. [00:33:28] Speaker C: I think I said new episodes this week. [00:33:31] Speaker B: Yeah, new episodes. [00:33:33] Speaker C: I saw you deal. [00:33:34] Speaker B: New episodes this week. That's what you said. Oh, my fault. I did not mean to do that. Yeah, I did. And I said what I say in the studio. In the studio. Exactly. So you all need to let me know. I got a wide open schedule. [00:33:50] Speaker C: And to any listeners that want to create a podcast, make sure you all hit them up because they are good vibes. [00:33:56] Speaker D: And Eric's Media Group. [00:33:57] Speaker B: Yes, man. We got multiple rooms, man. Multiple rooms for you to do whatever you need to do. [00:34:02] Speaker D: And it's nice in here, too. [00:34:03] Speaker B: Very nice. [00:34:05] Speaker E: Real nice. [00:34:05] Speaker B: You sound good. You sound good. All right, man. Remember, you can catch on all podcast forms member. If you want to join the conversation, email us, relstat [email protected]. And if you listened this far, make sure you email us. Email us what your favorite part of the show was today. And we'll go ahead and your address and we'll go ahead and get that T shirt out to you. Make sure to like, follow, share and five star rate. Until the next time, y'all. It's your boy Yusuf in the building for Neek NCL. And we are out.

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