July 01, 2019


20th Date: WE LIVE!!!!!!

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
20th Date: WE LIVE!!!!!!
Relationship Status Podcast
20th Date: WE LIVE!!!!!!

Jul 01 2019 | 01:21:41


Show Notes

Hosts: CL Butler, Nique Crews & Yusuf

Topic: Urban Myths

On today's episode of the podcast, CL and Yusuf continue to spread the word that Black Men "DON'T" cheat. They talk about Urban Myths when it comes to relationships. Nique Agrees that it's a hot girl summer. They talk about the Myths: Men only want sex, Begin right and do wrong, A person can change, Men don't have real emotions, Men can read minds and If you really love me, I wouldn't have to ask. They also answer viewers questions and respond to their comments

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