March 20, 2023


201st Date: He Ain't My Boyfriend Anymore

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
201st Date: He Ain't My Boyfriend Anymore
Relationship Status Podcast
201st Date: He Ain't My Boyfriend Anymore

Mar 20 2023 | 00:55:19


Show Notes

Hosts: C.L. Butler & Yusuf

Topic: Dating A Single Mom

On today’s episode of The Relationship Status Podcast, C.L. and Yusuf are joined by entrepreneur LaParis of Vibes Allure. They talk about dating a single mom. They discuss the expectations of a date, paying for the babysitter, and an ounce of selfishness. They then get into some tips for dating a single mom. This and so more in today's episode. 

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