December 22, 2021


103rd Lunch Date: An Unusual Turn

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Yusuf In The Building C.L. Butler Nique Crews
103rd Lunch Date: An Unusual Turn
Relationship Status Podcast
103rd Lunch Date: An Unusual Turn

Dec 22 2021 | 02:04:05


Show Notes

Hosts: Key, Jeff, Ibby, and Yusuf


Topic: RTL S4 Episode 8 & 9  

Key(MyCurlsspeak With Key Podcast), Jeff, and Ibby, and Yusuf discuss Season 4 Episode 8 & 9 of the Own hit reality show “Ready to Love.” The team starts out with the "Date one, Dump one, Destroy one" segment. Key coins a new love language, Ibby shoots his shots from the parking lot, and Jeff brings the bunny love. They discuss the Exes meet-up, The blow-up, and the show takes an unexpected turn.  They close out the show with their segments "Winners and Losers", and "Who's Home Next?"  Remember to email and/or leave feedback on any of RSP's social media platforms. 


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